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Major Crypto Prices are Tanking Again, But These New Coins Are Rising

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The crypto market continues to experience extreme volatility in light of the SEC’s recent lawsuit filed against Binance and Coinbase.

The SEC named several leading coins as securities, causing prices of BNB, SOL, and ADA to tank up to 30%.

Although the market rebounded slightly in the last few days, major cryptocurrencies are in freefall again. Bitcoin has dropped 1.8% in the last hour, with Etherem and XRP falling by 2%, both now being down over 5% in 24 hours.

As the top coins struggle, traders are incresingly looking to new and upcoming tokens to navigate the current bear market.

Which Cryptos Are Still Pumping Despite the Bear Market?

While top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB remain in turmoil, several smaller altcoins have exploded these past days. For smaller cryptos, the bear market volatility means they can grow faster.

Recently, three presale cryptos have soared in value and popularity. They are Wall Street Memes, yPredict and DeeLance. Most notably, Wall Street Memes has passed $7 million total raise mark after launching less than three weeks ago.

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes has gone from success to success since its launch, initially raising $100K within its opening hours and now raising $,700,000 despite only launching on 25 May.

Several high-profile analysts and traders have already praised the presale as one of the best bear market cryptos to buy. Popular YouTuber Jacob Bury covered the token recently, noting that Elon Musk has already engaged with the account on Twitter.

This is important because Wall Street Memes is a meme coin, and Elon Musk was given the nickname “The Dogefather” in the last bull market thanks to his impact on the Dogecoin price.

Another important factor contributing to the Wall Street Memes presale success is that it already has over one million social media followers. Unlike most other meme coin presales, Wall Street Memes was created by an established brand which has been in the space for years.

In 2021, the Wall Street Memes team also launched the Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which was a massive success, selling out in 30 minutes.

Currently, $WSM is priced at $0.0286. However, the Wall Street Memes presale price is set to incrementally increase to $0.0337 by the final round.


yPredict is another crypto token which has pumped despite the bear market dips. The presale has recently surpassed $2 million and is now on its way to $2.5 million.

The current yPredict price is $0.09, but it will rise in five days or when the presale raises $2,982,551. Once one of those conditions is met, the price will increase by 28.75% to $0.10, and the coin’s initial exchange offering price will be $0.12.

$YPRED’s listing price will equate to a 33% increase from its current price. However, like $WSM, analysts have called for yPredict to explode following its IEO.

Cilinix Crypto recently covered the token, claiming it could have 10X potential. The main reason for the price prediction was that the project provides considerable real-world utility to holders.

yPredict is an all-in-one AI-powered platform providing predictive model signals for trading and other future events.

The project’s main selling point is that it gives everyday traders an edge through its powerful AI tools and applications.

yPredict’s native token, $YPRED, provides exclusive access to various platform features. As well as potentially helping traders become more profitable, this could boost demand for $YPRED, adding to its long-term potential.


DeeLance is another emerging presale which has pumped recently. The project aims to accommodate the gig economy by providing a blockchain-powered platform for freelancers and recruiters.

It is the first freelancing platform to launch on the blockchain and provides a range of advantages over legacy freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

The project recently surged past the $1.3 million presale mark and is growing in popularity recently, with traders like Michael Wrubel commending it.

One of the reasons for DeeLance’s success is that it is the first crypto project to tackle the gig economy. This means it will have a first-mover advantage, enabling it to capture the entire market share.

DeeLance will offer lower fees than legacy freelance sites like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork, but there are many other benefits to bringing the gig economy on-chain. For example, users can enjoy instant withdrawals, content ownership and escrowed transactions.

Also, unlike other freelance websites, DeeLance provides an entire ecosystem full of utility for users. The platform will include a metaverse, an NFT marketplace and a job hiring platform.

In the DeeLance metaverse, users can conduct meetings, visit virtual networking events and much more.

$DLANCE token is currently available for $0.038 for a limited time. However, the price is set to increase incrementally throughout the presale until its IEO, with a starting price of $0.057. This IEO listing price equals a 50% gain from its current price.


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