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Meme Coin News: Pepe Price Rises Again, Meme Kombat Raises $100K, WSM Hits DEXTools Top Trending

Press Releases

While many top cryptos remain flat, the meme coin market is thriving, with the likes of Pepe, Meme Kombat, and Wall Street Memes pumping and other projects like Bone ShibaSwap gaining ground. However, Dogecoin has slid, down 2.8% this week.

Let’s take a look at the main meme coin talking points right now.

Pepe Gains 17% in 7 Days, Is a Reversal Immeninet?

After enduring significant sell pressure since its May ATH, the Pepe price has recently found support, pumping 17% in the last week. Despite this, the project is still down -18% in the last month.

The recent sell-off was due to an unexpected sale of Pepe from the project’s multi-signature wallet. According to the team, this was an exploit from ex-team members. Nevertheless, the team is anonymous, so there is no way for the community to verify this claim.

As such, many investors lost confidence, leading to the recent selloff. However, buyers have again taken charge, and the price has created a higher high.

Looking at data from CoinMarketCap, Pepe has fared as the strongest performing top 10 meme coin this week, followed by Bone ShibaSwap.

Nevertheless, the project is trading at a significant discount. Currently, it is -83% from its ATH, trading at $0.0000007337 with a $287 million market cap.

P2E Coin Meme Kombat Offers 112% APY and Surges Past $100K at Presale 

Meme Kombat is a P2E staking coin offering a fun and engaging gaming experience with numerous ways to earn free crypto. The project’s staking mechanism gives users a generous 112% APY, well above the market average, with Ethereum offering just 4%.

Despite only launching recently, the presale has already raised over $100K, pointing to a quick sellout and leaving many investors sidelined.

The platform’s premise is for users to gamble on the outcomes of battles between popular meme characters. It will feature different seasons, each with its own game modes and meme characters.

One of the project’s main draws is that it intertwines the trending crypto casino craze with the explosive P2E model and sprinkles in staking for the ultimate user experience.

It also features an experienced and doxxed team, hinting that the team is thinking long-term and is ready to take accountability. Considering the issues mentioned with Pepe, a doxxed team is a significant plus for Meme Kombat and could be one of the reasons it is attracting such investment.

The Wall Street Memes ICO has just ended, reaching a $30,577,000 hard cap and faring the best presale of 2023. Towards the end, the team announced it would be listed on multiple tier-one exchanges. Yesterday, it launched on OKX, and the result was impressive.

The $WSM token was available in presale as low as $0.025 and is now trading at $0.35 after reaching highs of $0.47 yesterday. Following its launch, it also claimed the top spot on the DEXTools trending list. However, this is no surprise considering the presale’s unprecedented hype.

Wall Street Memes is a new meme coin that already boasted a one-million-strong community before launching. It began in 2021, posting crypto and stock memes to social media. Since then, it has achieved several other accolades, like Twitter engagement from Elon Musk and launching the Wall St. Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in 32 minutes, raising $2.5 million. 

Its new meme coin has just completed the presale and is already among the top 10 meme coins, currently holding a market cap of over $70 million. Visit the Wall Street Memes Twitter or Telegram channel to stay updated. The token can be bought on OKX.

Shibarium’s Bone ShibaSwap Recovers 10% After Selloff

After a strong selloff following the botched Shibarium launch in August, the Bone ShibaSwap price has finally begun recovering, up 10% in the last week.

The exciting thing about BONE’s recovery is that it is occurring in a historically significant zone. It reached lows of $0.78 earlier this week before bouncing. The range between $0.6 and $0.8 has provided support before its two enormous pumps earlier this year, one to $2.06 and one to $1.74.

There are several potential reasons for BONE’s recent pump, like investors displaying optimism regarding meme coins. However, one of the main drivers is that the team recently renounced the BONE smart contract.

This means it no longer controls the Bone ShibaSwap cryptocurrency, making it fully decentralized. The process was preceded by rigorous testing to ensure the project’s security.

Over the past months, much of the attention regarding Shiba Inu’s layer two blockchain Shibarium has focused on the SHIB token. However, BONE will actually be used for staking and paying gas fees on the network, providing significant demand potential.

Furthermore, the project has a significantly lesser market cap than Shiba Inu, currently at just $202 million.

Dogecoin Price Struggles as It Slides 2.8% in 7 Days

Despite a flurry of excitement circulating the meme coin industry, this has yet to help the highest-market cap meme coin, Dogecoin.

Looking back over the past year, the project has remained relatively flat, besides a pump in November. This is due to the high anticipation of Elon Musk integrating Dogecoin with the X app, but he has yet to take any notable action.

As a result, Dogecoin’s volatility has been decreasing over the year, but the price has continued trending downwards. Over the past seven days, the price is down 2.8%, currently trading at $0.06055 with a $8.5 billion market cap.

As well as Musk’s inaction, another factor damaging the Dogecoin price is the sheer variety of new and innovative meme coins coming to the market. For example, Meme Kombat offers users numerous ways to earn free crypto while holding the same fun-filled and jovial nature as Dogecoin and other top meme coins, as new tokens continue to provide lots of competition.


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