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Meme Coins On The Rise: Shiba Inu Burning Millions of SHIB, Game Changer DigiToads ready to Explode

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Token burn rates have historically constrained a coin into a narrow window that allows healthy Tokenomics. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been involved in repeated token burns in the past few weeks. DigiToads will follow a similar structure soon, once supply nears demand which will be able to allow healthy circulation of TOADS, meaning no oversupply. The token burn, together with a wide variety of features, makes DigiToads (TOADS) a game changer.

Here is why.

Why DigiToads is a Game Changer

Crypto coins are widespread thanks to traditional heavyweights that have carried the limelight to date. Of these coins, there exist utility coins that have real-world use cases. DigiToads is unique in that it carries the characteristics of a meme coin and a traditional utility coin all in one. The dual feature endears it to people seeking entertainment and to die-hard investors looking to make profits from speculation.

DigiToads’ deflationary nature is one to be admired and makes the coin worthwhile to hold in the long term. TOADS supply will eclipse the required healthy level to maintain sound Tokenomics at some point. At that point, the token burn feature will kick in to cut supply and eliminate some TOADS in circulation. Those holding TOADS will note an increase in the value of their assets.

To maintain a sustainable demand for TOADS, DigiToads has built an interactive environment for gamers and people wishing to communicate via a futuristic space. The metaverse is at the center of this and works to keep gamers in a lifelike environment to spruce up the action. Each room in the metaverse has a specific function, and the most notable one for gaming is the swamp metaverse. The lifelike gaming environment has a leaderboard that displays the best players in a season that lasts a month. Those at the top have access to a prize pool.

In-game purchases are a hot avenue for income generation in the web3 space. DigiToads runs its own space and will give those showing consistency in battles. The avenue rakes in money by offering revving options for gamers. Toad NFT holders can improve the capabilities of their characters in the in-game marketplace. Additionally, those in the space can buy new characters to take on challenges instead of nurturing a toad from a young age.

While DigiToads’ unique features make it a gaming paradise, it is also something for investors to behold. The project offers passive income via its prize pools. Some money generated in the gaming rooms will go to idle TOADS holders looking for a marvelous opportunity to offload their investment. The project also has a liquidity pool that raises the democratic principles of the project. DigiToads liquidity pool allows anyone who wants to drop their investment to easily do so as and when they desire.

TOAD tokens currently go for about $0.047. The figure is up  370% since the original presale price of $0.01. Each stage of the presale provides significant room for the coin to grow. The hotly anticipated launch date will raise the Token price some points higher to the benefit of the investors.

Shiba Inu Token Burn

The SHIB burn website gives an honest account, and as things stand, about 410,650,068,247,541 Tokens are out of supply from the initial figure. The burn rate of SHIB remains a couple of million in 24 hours, the latest figure being 51,734,532.

SHIB’s latest burns are a reaction to the markets that have seen it take a bearish turn at the beginning of June. In the crypto charts, the coin has lost ground, currently at number eighteen. As of this writing, SHIB trades at about $0.00000776, a low of about 0.86% in a day’s trading action.        

Final Note

SHIB’s burn rate remains steady, and so far, it has wiped out a notable supply of the coin. The current trend seems bearish. DigiToads is a project that also embraces the token burn feature. So far, it has earned a staggering $5.7 million in presale and is en route to the official launch date. From the numbers, DigiToads seems or looks to be a game-changer.

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