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Meme Coins Trending on DEXTools Rise 75%: RFD, LBR, and FOUR – What’s Next to Go Parabolic?

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Although the broader crypto market has taken a hit in the past day, the meme coin niche remains resilient, with several coins making big moves on DEXTools.

$RFD, $LBR, and $FOUR are just a few of the names catching traders’ attention and producing gains during the market storm.

With these three coins leading the way, many in the crypto community are now discussing which cryptos could be the next to pump and produce stellar returns for investors.

Refund (RFD/WETH)

Refund is currently fourth in the list of top trending tokens on, given that price has soared over 75% in the past day.

More than $6.1 million worth of $RFD has been traded, with meme coin investors eager to snap up tokens before the next upwards leg.

In addition, the number of $RFD holders has risen to over 9,200, highlighting the ongoing demand for the token.

This demand has seemingly come out of nowhere, with $RFD having been in a consistent downtrend since late May.

Fortunately for long-term holders, this downtrend has come to an abrupt halt – and many $RFD bulls suggest that the token could return to the highs of May 23.

It seems too early to make that assumption, given that $RFD is trading 86% lower than these highs – although the recent uptick in activity is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.


$LBR has also been making waves, with the token rocketing by 53% yesterday.

Although price immediately retreated, holders were rewarded with another 34% surge today, highlighting the extraordinary price volatility.

Per, $LBR now has a market cap of over $8.1 million, with the number of token holders rising to 2,300.

Moreover, $LBR is number nine on DEXTools’ list of trending cryptos, boasting a project reliability score of 99 out of 99.

Much like $RFD, the $LBR price had been showcasing consistent bearish momentum over the past two weeks, with many suggesting that the token’s heyday was behind it.

However, this recent price spark has led to renewed interest in the coin – and given that there’s no buy or sell tax on $LBR transactions, this certainly gives it an edge over many of its competitors in the space.


$FOUR is also making a splash on DEXTools, with the token’s value surging over 14% in the past two hours.

This has led to $FOUR taking the tenth spot on DEXTools’ trending cryptos list, with many speculating that the recent price moves could be the beginning of a sustained uptrend.

The $FOUR price has pulled back since yesterday’s exponential price increase, although it appears to have formed a minor support level at $0.0000034, which is acting as a springboard for the current price movements.

Moreover, data from CoinMarketCap reveals that the $FOUR trading volume has soared over 2,300% in the past 24 hours, indicating a massive uptick in investor interest.

There aren’t any specific news events catalyzing this increase; however, this won’t faze investors, who are embracing these price movements as a way to maximize profits.

Is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Next to Trend on DEXTools?

With $RFD, $LBR, and $FOUR continuing to make their mark, investors are now speculating which tokens could be next to trend on DEXTools.

One token that appears primed and ready to make a splash in the market is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – the brand-new meme coin from the creators of the Wall St Bulls NFT collection.

Unlike the three tokens mentioned previously, $WSM isn’t yet available on the public market since it’s still in its presale phase.

However, this has yet to stop investors from embracing the project and buying tokens early, leading to over $4.4 million being raised through the ongoing presale.

Investors have been buzzing due to Wall Street Memes’ connection to Elon Musk, who has interacted with the project’s socials on several occasions.

Given Musk’s influence in the crypto-sphere, this association has undeniably stoked investor excitement, making $WSM a token to watch closely in the coming weeks.

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AiDoge ($AI) Also Expected to Pump After Raising $14.9m

Another project that looks set to begin trending soon is AiDoge ($AI).

AiDoge is a unique meme coin that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to allow users to create hilarious memes without requiring photo-editing know-how.

The AiDoge team just wrapped up a highly-successful presale phase, which saw them meet their fundraising target of $14.9 million, thanks to unprecedented demand for $AI tokens.

Now, $AI is set to go live on major exchanges on June 16, setting the stage for potential price rises.

Early $AI investors will be hopeful this scenario plays out since the presale offered an opportunity to acquire tokens at a lower price than the intended listing price.

However, AiDoge’s team is offering one final window for prospective investors to buy $AI before the token’s debut, with price set at $0.0000336.

Given that AiDoge’s Twitter account has grown to over 35,000 people in the past few weeks, it’s clear that there’s substantial interest in the project – which could translate into solid price gains.

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DeeLance ($DLANCE) – Another New Token with Potential

Finally, DeeLance ($DLANCE) is another enticing crypto project that looks likely to have a viral appeal.

DeeLance offers something different to Wall Street Memes and AiDoge, since it isn’t a meme coin and is instead a decentralized freelancing platform that uses smart contracts to provide a safer (and more transparent) experience for all.

Within the DeeLance platform, clients and freelancers can interact directly, with payments settled in $DLANCE – the platform’s native ERC-20 token.

This token is currently on presale for just $0.038 – 50% lower than the planned exchange listing price.

DeeLance’s presale has been an instant success, raising over $1.2 million from early investors.

Now, $DLANCE holders are looking forward to the token’s debut on major CEXs and DEXs, which will occur in Q3 2023.

With its unique utility and growing interest, $DLANCE is expected to make a solid entrance to the crypto market – positioning it as a promising asset in the ever-growing gig economy.

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