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Meme Kombat ICO Hits $2M as Bonk Price Growth Stalls – Best Meme Coin to Buy?

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In recent months, there have been countless opportunities to parabolic buy meme coins and make life-changing gains. One of the most explosive was for the Solana-based Bonk, which has taken off this month, pumping over 1,300%.

However, Bonk has found significant resistance at its $250 million market cap, with early inventors rotating profits into cheaper projects with more room for growth.

One crypto currently showing outstanding potential is Meme Kombat, a compelling meme coin with gambling utility that taps into two of crypto’s hottest trends.

The project is currently undergoing a presale, having recently surpassed $2 million after launching seven weeks ago. Yet, with it blasting past the $2 million milestone, liquidity has begun pouring into the project, leaving potential buyers little time to secure the best price.

Will Meme Kombat 10X Like Bonk? Analysts Think So

Bonk launched in January, and after an initial pump, it lost all momentum and traded at a low price for months. It surged only in the past weeks, presenting early buyers with over a 10x return.

However, it is unlikely to do that again because it has already pumped significantly. With that in mind, market participants are searching for the next project to repeat Bonk’s trajectory, and many renowned traders back Meme Kombat.

YouTuber Cilinix Crypto recently published a video on whether it is a good time to buy Meme Kombat. According to the analysis, Meme Kombat is poised to explode due to its innovative use case and current discounted presale price.

Meanwhile, Jacob Bury speculated that it could be the next meme coin to 10x, referencing its strong fundamentals, clear utility, and a fully doxxed and KYC’d team as significant advantages over other meme coin projects.

The Crypto News YouTube channel has also covered the project, dubbing it one of the top three ICOs to buy now.

Another factor indicating that it could 10x is that it has received coverage from countless high-profile media outlets. For instance, platforms like Cointelegraph, Coinpedia, and CryptoPotato have all featured it recently.

As well as attracting significant eyeballs, this illustrates Meme Kombat’s legitimacy and ability to garner excitement from the industry’s most respected tabloids.

What Is Meme Kombat and Why Is It Exploding?

As mentioned, Meme Kombat enables users to gamble on AI-generated battles between popular meme coin characters. However, it does so with ingenious features, offering several game modes and betting options and leveraging traditional odds mechanics for an engaging experience.

Moreover, all matches occur on-chain, enhancing the project’s security and transparency. 

Continuing with security, Meme Kombat’s doxxed and KYC’d team’s information can be found on its website, with links to its founder’s social media. Additionally, blockchain security firm Coinsult audited the project’s smart contract, which yielded near-perfect results.

Another factor driving excitement is Meme Kombat’s staking mechanism, which currently offers a 475% annual percentage yield (APY). This is expected to drive up token demand while reducing its available supply, enabling its price to flourish once it launches on exchanges.

Staking is already live for the project, so presale buyers can start compounding their investment immediately.

Ultimately, these factors of a compelling use case, coupled with robust security and a meme coin allure, have captivated the attention of investors and industry analysts, enabling its presale to begin exploding lately.

Meme Kombat Tokenomics and Presale

Meme Kombat has a total supply of 120 million tokens, and 50% has been allocated to the presale, with 10% allocated to DEX liquidity, 30% to staking and battle rewards, and 10% to community rewards. 

This token distribution eventually puts all the tokens in the community’s hands, enabling organic, long-term price action.

The presale has a $10 million hard cap and will take place in different stages, with its price increasing in each. It is currently in stage three, priced at $0.205. With that, there are seven more price hikes in the pipeline, meaning its initial exchange listing price will be significantly higher than today’s

According to its whitepaper, the stage ten price is $0.279 – a 36% increase from its current value.

However, with the next increase in a couple of hours, investors must be quick to secure the most upside potential.

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