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Microsoft AI says Solana and Tradecurve price is primed for rally in June

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Cryptocurrency predictions and insights are crucial in helping investors make informed decisions. The emergence of AI-based chatbots has brought a new level of sophistication to market analysis. Today, we tap into the research made by Microsoft AI for two prominent cryptocurrencies, Solana and Tradecurve, suggesting that they are primed for a rally in June. Keep reading to find out why as we explore these projects in further detail.


  • Microsoft AI claims that Solana and Tradecurve could surge
  • Solana on a positive trend
  • Tradecurve brings privacy to online trading


Solana (SOL) looks set to surge

Solana, a blockchain platform loved for its high transaction speeds, has gained significant attention among many individuals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Microsoft AI predicts that Solana is poised for a rally in June 2023. Based on its analysis of market indicators and historical data, Solana could potentially experience substantial price appreciation.

Recently, the price of Solana began to rise after rejecting the $19 mark and acquired positive momentum. The candle closed above the barrier level when the Solana price breached the $21.10 resistance level. Now, Solana appears to have taken a slight hit after recent news that the SEC claimed the token is a security.

Solana is currently trading hands at $20.05 with a market cap of $7.9B, which is a drop of 7.24% in the past day alone. However, the technical indicators for Solana are showing buy signals which could signal a rise to its resistance level of $23 during June 2023.

Tradecurve (TCRV) presale could see a 50x increase

At the end of June 2022, there was $632 trillion worth of outstanding over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, per a Bank for International Settlements report. Tradecurve will tap into this flourishing market by creating a borderless, hybrid trading platform combining the best features of centralized exchanges, such as multiple asset class offerings and high liquidity, while remaining decentralized, meaning low trading fees and self-custodial asset management.

On this trading platform, users may trade all derivatives on a single account by creating an account using a working email, linking it to a crypto wallet, and depositing. By eliminating mandatory KYC checks during the sign-up process, individuals can retain more anonymity and control over their personal information.

Without disclosing personal details such as government-issued IDs or proof of address, individuals can enjoy a greater sense of privacy and avoid potential risks associated with sharing sensitive information. This is crucial in an era of rampant data breaches and identity theft.


Due to its ties to the rising derivatives market and privacy-focused approach, Microsoft AI claims that Tradecurve’s native token, TCRV, is poised to see a rally. Currently, the TCRV token is just $0.015, and each purchase comes with a 25% deposit bonus. Holding the TCRV token will bring many perks, such as access to VIP status, governance voting rights, passive income through staking, and more.

Regarding Tradecurve features, traders will gain access to high-leverage assets starting at 500:1, negative balance protection, which prevents any account from going below zero, and a metaverse trading academy where beginners may connect with trading professionals and learn new strategies.  

Those worried about safety should know that Cyberscope has already audited the token smart contract while Assure DeFi performed the team KYC audit – both found Tradecurve to be 100% safe and sound. Market analysts have noted all of these aspects as they foresee a rise of 50x as June advances and a 100x increase when the presale finishes and TCRV gets listed on a significant Tier-1 CEX.

Microsoft AI believes that Tradecurve has all the potential to rule the crypto market, so sign up for its presale below and capitalize on its expected surge in June.

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