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New Crypto ICO ‘Bitcoin ETF Token’ Nears $3 Million Mark Amid Bitcoin Price Bull Run

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The excitement surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin ETF approvals is soaring, causing Bitcoin to near its all-time high five months before the halving.

Meanwhile, the newly launched presale Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) is also thriving, having raised close to $3 million in just over one month.

Bitcoin ETF Token is a deflationary Stake-to-Earn crypto that rewards holders in line with key Bitcoin ETF milestones.

The $BTCETF presale began on 5 November 2023 and has a $4.95 million hard cap. It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and the presale accepts payments in ETH, USDT, or with a bank card through its third-party payments provider.

Analyst Expects 100X Returns after IEO

Given the prominence of the Bitcoin ETFs, top market analysts have eagerly weighed in on Bitcoin ETF Token’s potential after its presale.

Several key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers have provided bullish predictions for the project. One of the most exciting came from YouTuber Crypto Boy, who forecasted it could 100x after its presale.

While not without risk, this would render a $10,000 investment worth an eye-watering $1 million should the prediction play out.

Other prominent YouTubers are also backing the project. For instance, Austin Hilton recently told his 238K subscribers that it is “like nothing you have ever seen.” 

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry concluded that its innovative use case, robust tokenomics, and positioning at the center of crypto’s most important trend make Bitcoin ETF Token “look appealing.”

25% of Total Supply Burn and 5% Transaction Tax Could Skyrocket $BTCETF Price

Besides being at the cusp of the Bitcoin ETF trend, Bitcoin ETF Token’s deflationary nature is the main reason it could explode.

According to the whitepaper at, the team has allocated 25% of its total supply to be burned across five key Bitcoin ETF milestones. 

These milestones are when: Bitcoin ETFs generate $100 million in trading volume; the first Bitcoin ETF is approved; the first Bitcoin ETF is launched; Bitcoin ETF assets under management (AUM) reach $1 billion; the Bitcoin price hits $100K.

5% of the total supply will be burned at each milestone. This is anticipated to create a sense of scarcity while excitement is highest, potentially translating to massive upside potential.

Moreover, $BTCETF features a 5% burn tax on transactions that reduces by 1% at each milestone. This reduces the circulating supply, incentivizes long-term holding, and ensures a smooth IEO where the price can pump since sell pressure will be minimized. 

Deep Community-Focus Hints to Long-Term Potential

Much of the Bitcoin ETF Token’s focus is on rewarding and serving its community. This tactic is often seen in successful cryptocurrency projects, enabling them to grow quickly and long-term.

One of Bitcoin ETF Token’s methods to do this is a staking mechanism, currently offering a 91% APY. Presale buyers can begin staking immediately, but those looking for the best yield should hurry because it decreases as more people stake tokens.

The project’s staking mechanism has a five-year vesting schedule, meaning many $BTCETF tokens will be locked up. This increases $BTCETF’s scarcity and provides significant long-term price potential.

Meanwhile, the project also offers “Bitcoin ETF Alerts.” Essentially, this service delivers real-time Bitcoin news updates to the Bitcoin ETF Token website.

This could increase the project’s viral potential while also helping to foster an active and engaged community. 

Tokenomics and Presale Information

Bitcoin ETF Token has a 21,000,000 total supply, with 40% available in the presale, 25% allocated to staking rewards, 25% to be burned, and 10% to liquidity. With a presale hard cap of $4.96 million, its fully diluted market cap at launch is $12.39 million.

The price is currently $0.0064 and will incrementally increase throughout the presale. There are ten rounds in total, and it is currently in round eight, with the next beginning in just three days, priced at $0.0066.

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