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New GambleFi Project TG.Casino Adds $TGC Support & Offers 25% Weekly Cashback as Presale Hits $1 Million

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The latest to the crypto gambling scene, TG.Casino has now fully implemented its native token, $TGC, into its platform. 

Players can now place bets using the $TGC token. As an added incentive, those wagering with $TGC will be eligible for a 25% cashback on their total net losses, disbursed weekly.

Launched just last month, the TG.Casino presale has already generated a huge buzz in the GambleFi industry. 

This momentum is further increased by the recent integration of the $TGC token, urging more interest and demand.

The platform’s fundraising efforts have been successful, raising $1 million within two weeks of its launch.

This highlights the surging interest from investors keen to tap into the growing market for crypto-based online gambling.

The ability to use $TGC tokens directly on the TG.Casino platform and a huge cashback offer on net losses can increase the pace at which the platform is raising funds.

The fundraising goal is $5 million, and with increasing investor interest, this target could be reached sooner than expected.

Early TG.Casino ($TGC) Buyers Can Get A Staking APY Of 511%

If you’re an early investor in TG.Casino’s native token, $TGC, you can capitalize on the 511% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on staking. 

How is such a high yield possible? TG.Casino allocates a part of its overall platform profits to $TGC holders, maximizing returns for those who stake their tokens.

Additionally, TG.Casino operates a buyback program. It acquires and burns 40% of the $TGC tokens, while the remaining 60% is distributed among stakers, reinforcing the token’s value and income streams for investors.

It’s worth noting that buyback programs have proven successful in the crypto casino industry. For instance, Rollbit’s native token, $RLB, experienced a 60% surge in a single day following a buyback announcement. Its market cap even reached approximately $700 million at its peak.

TG.Casino’s high staking returns and effective buyback strategy indicate a promising outlook for early $TGC investors.

TG.Casino Leverages Telegram to Set New Standards in Crypto Gambling

2023 has been a transformative year for crypto casinos, largely due to the advantages of Web3 applications in terms of transparency, anonymity, and high security. 

Data from Dune Analytics reveals a surge in user engagement, with GambleFi platforms on Ethereum having nearly 50,000 unique users as of mid-September, a 10x increase since the beginning of the year.

However, a significant barrier exists: the complexity of Web3 interfaces often discourages traditional gamblers unfamiliar with crypto wallets and exchanges.

This is where TG.Casino distinguishes itself. Integrated with Telegram, the platform aims to make crypto gambling easily accessible, even for beginners.

Drawing a parallel to Unibot, which simplified complex crypto trading for Telegram’s 700 million monthly users, TG.Casino aims to democratize access to crypto gambling. 

Given the precedent set by Rollbit, whose native token reached a $700 million market cap following similar strategies, the future for TG.Casino and its $TGC token appear promising.

Why Investing in $TGC Now Could Yield High Returns 

If you’re considering entering the crypto casino space, $TGC offers an exciting investment opportunity at its current presale price of $0.125 per token. 

The growth potential is high, especially with a small market cap of $12.5 million at press time. Cilinix, a famous YouTube channel specializing in crypto analysis with over 33,000 subscribers, is bullish on $TGC’s future. 

Adding credibility to this sentiment, YouTube crypto influencer Michael Wrubel has invested $1,000 in $TGC.

The media landscape supports the hype. Key crypto and tech news players, including Decrypt, CoinJournal, Finbold, CoinGape, Techopedia, and HackerNoon, have all reported on the $TGC presale, indicating a growing interest in the token.

Crypto casinos are still relatively new, representing a $250 million market compared to the $263 billion global casino and online gambling industry, per Statista data

TG.Casino highlights the advantages driving the shift towards crypto casinos, such as ease of access, lack of KYC requirements, and privacy in financial transactions. 

Furthermore, 80% of online casino gameplay is mobile, a platform for which most crypto casinos, including TG.Casino is optimized.

With projections indicating that the crypto casino market could soon become a multi-billion dollar industry, TG.Casino is uniquely poised for growth, especially with its integration with Telegram. 

If $TGC reaches the heights of Rollbit’s $700 million market cap, early investors could see returns ranging from 50x to 100x.

The TG.Casino presale offers 40% of the tokens to the public. The remaining allocation includes 20% for DEX liquidity, 20% for staking rewards, 10% for player incentives, 5% for marketing efforts, and 5% set aside for affiliates.

Notably, TG.Casino has undergone a security audit by Coinsult, a leading blockchain security firm, and is one of the rare Telegram-based casinos to be fully licensed.

Investors have multiple options for buying $TGC, including ETH, BNB, and USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions), with the token operating on Ethereum.

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