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New GambleFi Token TG.Casino Raises 750K in Just Two Weeks of Presale – The Next Rollbit?

Press Releases

Crypto gambling has become one of the industry’s hottest use cases, providing secure and convenient betting that is private and gives users complete control.

Its innovative concept has propelled several platforms and crypto casino tokens to stardom, with the prominent Rollbit currently holding a whopping $400 million market cap and proving one of the best bear market cryptos, up over 6,300% in the past year.

That said, a new project is on the rise, taking the ingenious benefits of crypto casino and amplifying them by launching on the end-to-end encrypted Telegram platform with over one billion users.

Introducing: TG Casino – a presale launched under two weeks ago, which has racked up a tidy $750K, indicating vast community interest and leading to comparisons with Rollbit.

Anonymous Casino With Easy Sign-Up and Robust Security

In the internet age, speed is key. Gone are the days of 3-5 day shipping; now, buyers want same-day delivery. The same can be said for any online endeavor; consumers refuse to wait around.

TG Casino applies this knowledge to the exploding crypto casino model, enabling users to get started in seconds from the Telegram app without even needing to create an account.

Yet, account-free crypto gambling equates to more than just convenience. It also upholds the users’ privacy. This means no complications with credit providers due to gambling transactions on your bank statements and no risk of identity fraud due to sensitive information held on the platform’s servers.

Furthermore, launching on the Telegram application means that the project boasts end-to-end encryption, and its one billion users can enjoy unrestricted access to the platform worldwide.

Fully-Licensed and Provides Hundreds of Games

Considering all its advantages, it may be a surprise that TG Casino is also fully licensed and regulated. Its license was issued by the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao, which has become a cradle for online gambling regulation.

Its compliance and licensing provide peace of mind to users that they are interacting with a secure and reputable platform, enabling them to bet on hundreds of exciting games worry-free.

This is a significant benefit over Rollbit, which recently lost its online casino license after offering questionable leveraged trading products to users.

As such, those looking for a cutting-edge platform that could be set to steal the crypto casino king’s crown should consider TG Casino.

The Native $TGC Token Rewards Presale Investors Generously and Offers 700% Staking APY

Given the significant value TG Casino adds to crypto gambling, those considering buying the presale will be pleased to know that investors are also rewarded generously.

Those who buy today will secure the lowest-ever presale price at just $0.125 per token. However, this price will not last forever, with the round already 69% sold out. 

Moreover, presale investors will yield exclusive rewards once the project goes live. This will include discounts and access to dedicated rooms and games. They can also begin staking during the presale and compounding their gains today.

The TG Casino staking pool currently offers a whopping 708% annual percentage yield (APY). This is expected to decrease over time, so those looking to maximize their yield should begin immediately.

Lastly, those investing over $5K in the presale will earn the “high roller” title and receive even more exclusive rewards and an ultra-rare TG Casino NFT.

A Buyback Mechanism Delivering Price Stability and Long-Term Potential

Even with its compelling use case, successful presale, and lucrative staking mechanism, the factor pointing to the most upside potential for TG Casino is its buyback mechanism.

This feature will take some of the casino’s profits and repurchase $TGC tokens. It will then redistribute 60% of those to stakers, meaning holders can directly benefit from the casino’s success.

It will burn the other 40% of tokens, diminishing the circulating supply over time and building scarcity. Considering these factors and the numerous benefits of holding $TGC, the tokens will likely be in high demand and low supply, equating to strong price action following its exchange launch.

This has also been noted by several top crypto analysts, with the likes of Crypto Clinix embracing the project and urging its subscribers to be quick before the presale ends.

With its first round over 69% sold out, investors looking to buy $TGC at its lowest-ever price must not wait around.

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