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New Staking Coin Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) Launches Presale – Best BEP-20 Token To Buy Now?

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Bitcoin has proved to be one of the most lucrative investment opportunities since its launch in 

2010. However, investing today will provide meager returns compared to its early days.

With that in mind, Bitcoin BSC is a new BEP-20 token alternative rolling back the clock to 2011, when there were just over 6 million BTC in circulation priced at just $0.99. The project is currently in its presale, having raised $40K in just over 24 hours.

BTCBSC is built on the Binance Smart Chain for increased scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. Furthermore, it features a Stake-to-Earn mechanism, enabling investors to earn passive rewards.

Analyst Forecasts 10x Returns for Bitcoin BSC

Following the explosive start to its presale, prominent crypto analyst and YouTuber Jacob Bury has noticed Bitcoin BSC and made a bullish prediction of its future.

In a recent video, Bury stated Bitcoin BSC holds 10x potential and explained the importance of its Stake-to-Earn mechanism.

Jacob Bury is renowned for his early presale picks and is often mirrored by other esteemed YouTubers. Therefore, we expect significantly more influencer and media coverage for Bitcoin BSC in the coming days, likely adding to its presale success.

Stake-to-Earn Enables Investors to Passive Rewards on “Sound Money”

Bitcoin BSC shares similar tokenomics to Bitcoin with a 21 million capped supply and a long 

unlock schedule, essentially creating “sound money”. 

However, to earn Bitcoin rewards, its Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism means participants must “mine” coins. This entails operating a mining rig, which is costly to buy, requires technical expertise, and consumes significant energy.

Conversely, Bitcoin BSC’s Stake-to-Earn mechanism uses a fraction of the energy and requires little to no technical expertise to get started. Users simply visit the Bitcoin BSC staking dashboard, connect their wallet, deposit tokens, and begin earning rewards.

Bitcoin BSC staking rewards vary depending on the amount of tokens staked. The annual percentage yield (APY) will reduce as the staking pool size increases, but this will also reduce the sellable supply, potentially increasing the token’s price.

Bitcoin BSC staking offers massive staking rewards, currently at well over 10,000% APY. To put that into perspective, stock market returns have averaged around 11.28% since 1950.

Robust Tokenomics With 120-Year Vesting Provides Long-Term Potential

As mentioned, Bitcoin BSC features the same 21 million capped supply as Bitcoin. It will also be 100% community-owned in typical Bitcoin fashion.

There are two stages in the Bitcoin BSC presale, with 4 million tokens available in the first stage and 2.125 million in the second. Both stages are priced at $0.99 to provide all presale investors a fair opportunity and bolster the project’s initial exchange offering (IEO) potential.

Bitcoin BSC’s presale supply equates to 29% of the total supply, and a further 69% has been allocated to community rewards and will be unlocked over a 120-year unlock schedule. This incentivizes long-term holders and will increase token scarcity.

The final 2% of BTCBSC has been reserved for exchange liquidity to facilitate seamless trading.

Built on Binance Smart Chain for Optimal Functionality – Best BEP-20 Token To Buy Now

Despite its successes, Bitcoin has faced grave criticisms by skeptics regarding its lack of interoperability, minimal functionality, complexity, and environmental concerns.

This is likely why so many Bitcoin copycats have boomed. For instance, Bitcoin Cash is up 90% since June, and Stake-to-Earn BTC20 pumped 7x following its presale.

BTC20 features a similar concept to Bitcoin BSC. However, it was built on the Ethereum chain, so it still suffers scalability and transaction speed issues. As a result, Bitcoin BSC launched on the Binance Smart Chain, enabling faster and cheaper transactions while offering environmental benefits and providing access to the vast Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Furthermore, Bitcoin BSC is more accessible to newer users than Bitcoin since you can buy it from an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

With this in mind, the Bitcoin BSC presale looks to be a quick sellout and holds lots of upside potential following its IEO. Therefore, investors must be fast to secure their BTCBSC for just $0.99.

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