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OnChain Metrics Point to Price Explosion for Major Cryptos like Mantle (MNT), Polygon (MATIC) & InQubeta (QUBE)

Press Releases

InQubeta (QUBE), Polygon (MATIC), and Mantle (MNT) are three of the best cryptos to buy now, as market metrics point to all three enjoying a price explosion. MATIC prices are up 13% in the past week, while MNT has seen 10% growth in the same period. 

Meanwhile, QUBE prices have grown 90% since tokens became available during its presale, and prices are set for 310% growth by the time tokens are released on exchanges. The InQubeta project aims to open up opportunities to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) by hosting a decentralized finance platform that allows investors to skirt the barriers that often prevent them from using traditional investment avenues like income requirements and geographic restrictions.

Best cryptos to buy now: InQubeta set for 310% growth before tokens hit exchanges

InQubeta has the potential to become one of the best DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency space as its protocol makes it easier than ever to invest in artificial intelligence. The AI space has received lots of investor interest in the past eight years, with investments growing 12x between 2015 and 2022. More than $120 billion is invested in AI as of today, and more than $1.5 trillion will be directed into the space in the next several years. 

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming a major part of our lives as the technology’s viability increases. Coca-Cola recently launched a new soda flavor called Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar by using AI to create what their most popular drink would taste like by the year 3,000 based on consumer data on what they imagined the future would look like. Meanwhile, Amazon is now testing humanoid robots in one of their warehouses to help sort boxes. 

AI will cause many changes in how industries function, but it will also create opportunities for investors to earn impressive profits. That’s generally one of the benefits of investing in cutting-edge technology. 

Here’s what the investment process looks like on the InQubeta network:

  • AI startups are cleared by InQubeta before being allowed to create ERC20 coins or non-fungible tokens with investment opportunities minted into them. These tokens are added to the NFT market once approved
  • Investors browse the ERC20 token list and read about the companies each investment opportunity represents
  • Purchases are made with QUBE, and investors can resell their tokens on the NFT marketplace anytime they want

Polygon (MATIC) poised for substantial growth

The Polygon network has enjoyed lots of mainstream attention this year with TIME Magazine dubbing it one of the 100 most influential companies in the world and corporations like JPMorgan, Starbucks, and Meta launching services on its network. 

MATIC prices are currently under the spotlight as they approach a monumental resistance level of $0.72 that has been tested multiple times without any success. A breakout past this point could indicate exponential growth is about to occur. 

Mantle (MNT) surges 10% in seven days

Mantle hosts a layer 2 technology stack for the Ethereum network. Its network aims to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and its architecture separates transaction finality and transaction execution into modules that adopt the latest innovations. 

The Mantle Network was recently integrated with Ondo Finance to launch a yield-generating token, USDY, that’s tethered to tangible assets. The new financial instrument is intended to provide a more secure alternative to conventional stable coins that use decentralized finance to deliver real-world yields. 


QUBE, MNT, and MATIC are three of the best cryptos to buy now, as all three will likely enjoy exponential growth in the coming months. InQubeta’s creative way of opening accessibility to AI investments set it up for tremendous long-term growth. 

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