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$ORDI Explodes 200% as BRC-20 Tokens Take Off, and This Presale Hits $1.4 Million

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Bitcoin ($BTC) fees have hit a 20-month high, and new token types are exploding in the digital asset space. This is a clear sign that speculative appetite is back, and the bear market has been left far behind in the rearview mirror. But what cryptos to buy now to maximize gains in the bull market?

Long tail assets always perform best in this sentiment. Ordi ($ORDI) explodes 200% as BRC-20 tokens take off, and this presale, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), hits $1.4 million in funding. The era of ICOs and Bitcoin memecoins has begun, and they promise to be two of the most insane wealth generators in this cycle.

Ordi ($ORDI) Rallies 200%: The Growing Rise of BRC-20 Tokens

Bitcoin is changing, and where there is change, there is opportunity. The Ordinals protocol allowed users to inscribe data onto a Satoshi (the smallest unit). This technical feat enabled each Satoshi to be transformed into a distinct digital asset and birthed the BRC-20 token standard.

Ordi was the first BRC-20 token to exist and remains the largest. It rallied 200% in the last month as interest in this new asset class grew. Notably, rumors of Chinese investors bidding for BRC-20 tokens has increased appetite among traders. Certain forecasts even predict a speculative wave similar to that affecting tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain in 2021.

BRC-20 tokens are essentially a workaround method for creating assets on the Bitcoin network. In the early days speculation on $BTC alone was exciting enough for investors, but in the current meta where Bitcoin’s price movement has slowed down it needs innovation. And that is exactly what the Ordinals protocol delivered, driving their rampant growth.

What cryptos to buy now? There are hundreds to choose from, and the BRC-20 token standard appears as though it is just getting started.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Rushes Into Stage 4

Galaxy Fox has entered Stage 4, and anybody fortunate enough to have participated in Stage 3 has seen an 18% price increase. Luckily, seven staggered price increases remain, thanks to the dynamic pricing mechanic. Those fast enough to participate in the current stage will lock in over 200% of gains on their initial investment before launch.

Already listed as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy, $GFOX has continued flying. When markets move upwards, presales become goldmines, and the potential returns of microcaps launching in bullish conditions paint a clear path to 100X price discovery rounds. This play-to-earn token has introduced a Web3 runner game, but the innovative tokenomics are the real force behind Galaxy Fox’s early success.

The dominant trend among altcoins has always been to print inflationary token emissions to pay stakers- this can be observed clearly in the top ten cryptocurrencies. To date only two profitable blockchains exist: Ethereum ($ETH) and Tron ($TRX). Galaxy Fox provides staking rewards and passive income for investors but takes an entirely different approach.

Buy and sell taxes channel liquidity throughout this cosmic ecosystem, providing the foundations for constant aggressive growth. The Stargate module accrues a portion of these taxes and distributes them to stakers.

This total lack of inflationary pressure means early buyers will not be diluted, and early stakers will earn rewards correlated to the fledgling growth of Galaxy Fox. A killer value proposition and why $GFOX has outpaced its fellow presales. 

Closing Thoughts: ICOs & BRC-20 Tokens Already Printing Millionaires  

What cryptos to buy now for the best returns in the bull market? Innovative projects, unexplored market verticals, and presales. Why? Arriving early maximizes returns.

Galaxy Fox is a classic example. Participants in the presale become the first-stage buyers of $GFOX and can access the token while it is still incredibly underpriced. A rally is brewing, and investors must decide whether they want to be in front of the GameFi surge or chasing it. Lock in $GFOX today, become an early staker, and be a winner in 2024. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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