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Pepe Coin Has More Trading Volume Than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Put Together – New Highs Coming?

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It’s been a great week for Pepe ($PEPE) holders, with the token’s price soaring over 75%, and well over 100% from its early June lows.

Trader sentiment towards $PEPE appears to have shifted bullish – Pepe coin is back in the #1 spot on the DEXTools hot pairs list and has at points seen more daily trading volume than Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) combined.

This surprise uptick in performance has created an immense buzz around $PEPE, with holders now deliberating whether the token can post new highs in the coming days.

Surprise $PEPE Price Surge Leads to Shift in Investor Sentiment

Data from CoinMarketCap reveals that nearly $250 million worth of $PEPE was traded in the past 24 hours alone, making it the most-active meme coin on the market.

Meme coin investors have been clamoring to buy $PEPE following the token’s rapid price pump – mainly due to its history of producing exponential returns.

In mid-April, the $PEPE price exploded by over 3,000% in under one week, prompting a “meme coin mania” to take over the market.

However, after posting an all-time high of $0.00000435 on May 5, $PEPE experienced a dramatic downfall – dropping as low as $0.000000812.

At the time, this represented a whopping 81% decline from the high of May 5, leading many investors to declare that Pepe’s heyday was behind it.

Those declarations now appear premature, with $PEPE benefiting from the waves of enthusiasm currently engulfing the broader crypto market.

This enthusiasm has boosted the sentiment around $PEPE, with CoinGecko reporting that more than 76% of users are “feeling good” about the token today.

Can The Pepe Coin Price Surpass Its Previous All-Time High?

Given this turn in fortunes, is it possible for $PEPE to breach the highs of May 5 and achieve new milestones?

While the meme coin niche remains unpredictable, the current investor sentiment and resurgence in trading volumes indicate a potential for further price momentum.

Moreover, the $PEPE price chart shows that a solid bull flag is being created on the 4H time frame – hinting that another upwards push is imminent.

However, $PEPE bulls may have to temper their expectations since a strong resistance region is located around the $0.0000020 level.

This region was last tapped on May 13, just before the token’s price began an extended downturn that resulted in hitting a yearly low on June 15.

Ultimately, it’s crucial that $PEPE maintains its current momentum, as any pullbacks could help bears consolidate power and push price back down.

As such, investors should closely monitor Pepe’s performance and be aware of the token’s potential for sharp turnarounds.

Which Other Meme Coins Could Match Pepe’s Rise?

However, it’s not just $PEPE that’s been experiencing an uptick in fortunes recently.

New coins are emerging that could offer even greater rewards for early investors – and one such coin is the trailblazing meme crypto, Wall Street Memes.

Wall Street Memes Emerges as Meme Coin Star After Raising $10.5m

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is a rising star in the meme coin niche, capturing investors’ attention due to its unique approach and promising growth potential.

Unlike Pepe, Wall Street Memes isn’t yet publicly traded. Instead, the project is in a 30-stage presale phase, meaning early-bird investors can buy $WSM tokens at a discount before it makes its exchange debut.

This appealing setup has helped the presale raise over $10.5 million in funding, with investors around the globe looking to get involved as early as possible, given the gradually increasing token price between stages.

Currently, investors can purchase $WSM tokens for just $0.0304, which is expected to be a significant discount on the future CEX listing price.

Naturally, the discounted price point has prompted a large community to form around Wall Street Memes, with over 9,000 people opting to join the project’s official Telegram channel.

Additionally, several high-profile crypto influencers have taken note of Wall Street Memes – for example, Levi uploaded a video detailing how he believes $WSM could make “crypto millionaires.”

With its strong community, influencer backing, and meme-driven approach, Wall Street Memes is undoubtedly a project to watch in the coming months.

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