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Philanthropy & Crypto: Cardano, PAT WARS, Ecoterra Are Changing The Game For the Benefit of All

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The world of philanthropy is transforming, and cryptocurrency is playing a key role in this transformation since the industry has the potential to revolutionize the way charitable giving is done by making it more transparent, secure, and efficient. PAT WARS (PAWS) is one of the newer cryptocurrency projects that is making waves in the industry. We will explore how it aims to achieve effective philanthropy and community care, in addition to discussing some other currencies with a focus on social awareness.

How Crypto Is Revolutionizing Philanthropy?

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized charitable giving and philanthropy by providing a new channel for charitable contributions and promoting transparency, security, and efficiency in donations by utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies have made cross-border donations quicker, easier, and less costly, increasing individual independence in developing nations and among the unbanked of all nations.

Additionally, cryptocurrency-based giving allows for donor privacy and anonymity. Cryptocurrency donations may also offer tax benefits to donors. Challenges include fluctuation, the regulatory environment, education and awareness, security risks, and conversion and liquidity. Despite the potential benefits, significant challenges to using cryptocurrency for charitable purposes still exist.

Community-Focused Crypto: PAT WARS

PAT WARS (PAWS) is a newer cryptocurrency project that puts its community first. PAT WARS proves its dedication to ideals of decentralization, transparency, and democracy by providing the community with the tools to collectively decide the direction of the project by voting via PAT WARS DAO. It also brings the community closer together by providing those who purchase one of PAT WARS’ NFTs with exclusive content and perks.

Since the community holds the steering wheel, investors can choose to direct the project’s efforts toward whichever charitable cause they deem worthy. Additionally, PAT WARS is built on the Ethereum network, which not only grants it superior speed and security but also makes it environmentally friendly as it uses PoS rather than PoW, which requires much more energy.

PoS Pioneer: Cardano

Cardano is one of the established players in the cryptocurrency industry, holding a rank among the top 10 crypto coins on trading platforms like Cardano also uses Proof-of-Stake, and thus it is considered eco-friendly, especially considering the vast energy usage of other top cryptos.

Sustainability in Crypto: Ecoterra

Ecoterra is a new cryptocurrency venture that focuses on promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Its main goal, similar to previous coins we’ve talked about, is to address the ecological impact of cryptocurrency mining by using a PoS consensus algorithm instead of the PoW algorithm used by many other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Ecoterra aims to develop a system that offsets carbon emissions and incorporates other eco-friendly features, such as rewarding users who engage in recycling and utilize sustainable energy sources like solar power.

Many crypto projects are adopting philanthropic and eco-friendly methods as social-awareness spreads among crypto enthusiasts. PAT WARS prefer to give the community the choice of how big a part the project should play and which charity or cause should be adopted. PAT WARS’ presale is live now, so anyone who takes advantage of it can become an influencing member of the community as an early adopter and will possibly be able to have a strong effect on any philanthropic efforts undertaken by the project.

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