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Polygon (MATIC), ApeCoin (APE) and Kangamoon (KANG) – Top 3 Cryptos To Consider Before an Economic Crisis

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With economic uncertainties approaching, exploring cryptocurrencies that offer resilience is crucial. This article will introduce you to three such cryptocurrencies: Polygon (MATIC), ApeCoin (APE), and Kangamoon (KANG). Keep reading and discover why they should be on your radar as safety nets in an economic crisis.


  • Polygon starts the Phase 0 of its Polygon 2.0 upgrade
  • ApeCoin price prediction 
  • Kangamoon to launch a groundbreaking top-tier P2E platform

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Polygon (MATIC): The Start of Phase 0

Users turn to cryptocurrencies like Polygon (MATIC) to hedge against traditional markets during economic crises. Polygon’s ecosystem, featuring various DApps, DeFi projects, and NFT marketplaces, becomes an attractive destination. Its rapid confirmation times make it ideal for those seeking refuge from high-cost traditional financial systems.

In recent Polygon crypto news, Polygon Labs announced the start of Phase 0 of Polygon 2.0. Moreover, the team launched four new proposals. These new proposals include the initiation of the conversion of MATIC to POL and more.

In sum, Polygon’s focus on improving its infrastructure means it can weather the storm while offering growth potential. Thus, market analysts predict the Polygon price will reach $0.87 by December 2023.

ApeCoin (APE): The Power of NFTs

ApeCoin (APE) represents the growing trend of NFT-backed cryptocurrencies. As the NFT market thrives, ApeCoin leverages this excitement by creating a unique ecosystem.

During economic crises, tangible assets like art and collectibles often keep or increase their value. ApeCoin’s connection to the NFT market could provide a hedge against financial downturns.

Due to all these reasons, market analysts have made a bullish ApeCoin price prediction. In fact, they foresee the ApeCoin price sitting between $2.05 and $2.32 within Q4 of 2023.

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Kangamoon (KANG): An Upcoming Top Memecoin

Kangamoon (KANG) offers a different approach to surviving economic crises. While traditional markets face uncertainties, Kangamoon utilizes the concept of “play-to-earn” gaming. Players take on the role of Kangamoon, a boxing kangaroo, in a virtual world. They can build their characters and challenge players worldwide in thrilling fights.

Beyond exciting gameplay, Kangamoon allows players to earn virtual currency and rare in-game items. Moreover, users can sell or trade these assets within the game’s marketplace, creating a vibrant virtual economy. This fusion of gaming and crypto introduces a new dimension to meme coins.

As meme coins continue to gain popularity, projects like Kangamoon prove that these tokens can be more than internet memes. With its unique features, Kangamoon will redefine what meme coins can achieve. Additionally, this approach is attractive during an economic downturn when job security is uncertain.

Currently, the project offers its native token, KANG, for only $0.005. But, with plans of toppling the likes of Dogecoin and Pepe, Kangamoon could become the hottest meme coin of 2023. So, experts forecast a 22x growth for it before its presale ends.

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