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Polygon Spikes in Activity After 2.0 Announcement, Monero To Spike Above $200, Everlodge to 20x

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The crypto landscape features a lot of opportunities both for early investors and veterans alike. However, this comes coupled with challenges, as not every single altcoin can grow in value. Amidst the ongoing bullish market, Polygon (MATIC), Monero (XMR), and Everlodge have experienced positive price fluctuations. Given these bullish price movements, some of them can even spike by 20x in 2023, and today, we will explore which ones.


  • Polygon to climb to $0.87 by the end of the year
  • Monero crypto ready to spike to $206.60
  • Everlodge expected to spike 20% at Stage 2 and by 20x at launch

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Polygon (MATIC) Activity Spikes

After the announcement of Polygon (MATIC) 2.0, a multichain zero-knowledge Layer-2 scalable ecosystem that got unified through a novel cross-chain coordination protocol, the value has gone upwards.

The upgrade will make the Polygon network far more scalable and efficient and. As a result, could attract far more users and dApps within the ecosystem. However, when we look at its current value, the Polygon crypto trades at $0.674121. Its 7-day low was at $0.673122, while its 7-day high was at $0.698784. 

Moreover, the cryptocurrency has a market cap of $6,281,959,321, with a 24-hour trading volume of $143,019,161. Analysts are bullish on its future, and according to the Polygon price prediction, it can reach $0.87 by the end of the year. 

Monero (XMR) Future Price Prediction

The Monero (XMR) price ran into an upside in a way that it did not do historically during the end of July. It formed a support level of $133. The cryptocurrency price was bullish for thirteen days and formed its highest point at $172.7.

Following this bullish rally, the value behind the Monero crypto entered a consolidation zone that ranged between $160 and $170. If buyers can push its price above $170 again, it could start to move in an upward direction. Its next bullish move can help it rocket towards an annual high and resistance level at $188. 

As of August 15, 2023, it trades at $158.54. With a trading volume of $74,821,221 and a market cap of $2,876,121,319, it’s the 26th largest cryptocurrency. According to the Monero price prediction, it can surge to $206.60 by the end of the year. 

Everlodge (ELDG) Expected to Skyrocket in Value

Polygon and Monero were not the only two altcoins that saw a spike, however. Everlodge is one of the latest projects to enter the industry, which can revolutionize real-estate investments. The space has been plagued by issues, from liquidity to unavailability and high costs surrounding its entry.

Uniquely, most homes today are valued at $1 million and above, which can be difficult for the average person to afford. Everlodge changes all of this through the introduction of blockchain technology.

Luxury homes and villas can become available for as little as $100, as they are minted as NFTs, then fractionalized. This means that individuals can buy small fractions instead of buying an entire home. Anyone can afford it and begin to build a portfolio of different properties. There are properties that will be rented out. As a result, investors will get access to another passive stream of income.

With all of this in mind, ELDG  is the native token that powers all of it. Subsequently, through holding it, users can get access to discounts, rewards, and passive income just by staking it. 

During Stage 1 of its presale, it offered at just $0.01. At Stage 2, the value will increase by 20% to $0.012. According to analysts, it can surge by 20x at launch, providing solid opportunities for investors. 

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