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Pomerdoge (POMD) is making waves as big Ethereum (ETH) holder buys into the presale

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Pomerdoge (POMD) has taken over the world, and everybody is talking about this presale. One Ethereum (ETH) whale has participated, and these whales only buy a token they believe in. What convinced this whale to participate? And why do analysts think that Pomerdoge could be the best-performing altcoin of 2023?

This article dives into these questions and more, examining the blazing trail of Pomerdoge and why this memecoin could quickly become 2023’s hottest project. 

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Pomerdoge (POMD) NFTs, Memecoins Tokenomics, and P2E

Pomerdoge continues its wildly successful presale and has nearly raised $2 million already. Whales have flipped bullish, and analysts believe that $POMD, the native token, could easily rally 3,500% in the coming weeks.

Introducing the new meta of P2E. Pomerdoge blends memecoin economics, the ability to rapidly soar, with utility in the form of the Pomergame, which gives the 3 billion users who actively play video games globally a platform to network and earn. Players level up their characters, and when they reach gold status, they can begin selling items in the Pomerplace!

The protocol has a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs. Although the team has not disclosed their function, analysts are hyper-bullish on this collection, believing it to be the key to the ecosystem. They are currently available to mint for just 0.2 $ETH for $POMD holders.

Pomerdoge’s token $POMD continues to rise in price throughout the presale as demand increases, and with no buy or sell taxes, investors get to keep 100% of their profits. Liquidity will be locked, and Cyberscope and Solidproof, two leading smart contract auditors, have released their audits showing that Pomerdoge passed with fly colors.

One of the most exciting altcoins on the market, Pomerdoge is poised to shatter records and leap straight into the top 100 projects. Joining ICOs has always been one of crypto’s most profitable endeavors, and joining the Pomerdoge presale today could be one of investors’ best decisions.

Ethereum (ETH) Futures Product Coming Soon?

Ethereum is arguably the king of altcoins and slowly becoming the internet’s value layer. Alternative layer one defined the last cycle, but layer twos will define the coming cycle. Why is this excellent for Ethereum? All layer twos ultimately settle on Ethereum and use $ETH as their native currency.

More bullish news comes from the increasing number of Ethereum ETF Futures products awaiting approval. Following the SEC’s defeat in court against Greyscale, its approvals will likely be more lenient. But the end goal for many supporters is an Ethereum Spot ETF, and a Futures approval is the first tangible step towards this goal.

Price predictions for $ETH remain incredibly optimistic, with analysts forecasting a potential range between $4,395.39 and $5,124.95. With the pendulum swinging back towards an Ethereum-centric landscape, investors should focus on $ETH and all the ERC20 coins under its broad umbrella, like $POMD, in the coming months. 

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