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SBI Remit Boosts Asian Transfers with $XRP; Domini ($DOMI) Presale Rockets in Beta Stage

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Domini’s presale is off to an excellent start and some cryptocurrency analysts are already calling it one of the best altcoins to invest in this year. $DOMI prices are set to grow 440% from the presale’s beta stage to the project’s official launch on exchanges.


But Domini isn’t the only project making waves in the crypto space. The international money transfer branch of the SBI group known as SBI Remit has expanded its services to Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines using Ripple’s $XRP to facilitate real-time transactions. The strategic partnership between the two firms was announced on Sept. 6, but it hasn’t helped to boost $XRP prices.

Domini hosts an Ethereum-based blockchain and uses ERC-20 coins and smart contracts to increase liquidity in prestigious art markets and to open up investments in high-end art for regular people.

Analysts dub Domini one of the best altcoins to invest in thanks to creative solution transforming art markets

The world’s richest individuals are well aware of how profitable blue-chip art investments can be. The value of prestigious art has grown in value faster than the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 for the past 23 years by a significant margin. On average, these investments increase in value by 7.6% yearly.

High-end art is one of the ways investors with deep pockets have historically diversified and stabilized their portfolios. The value of art isn’t as volatile as many of the assets traded in financial markets and it’s typically resistant to market forces like inflation. The most prestigious works of art have also made those who can afford to buy them tremendous returns on their investments.

For instance, Pablo Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’Alger” was purchased for $31.9 million in 1997, and it earned its buyer a 460% return on investment over 18 years. The painting was sold in 2015 for $179.4 million. That’s how much profit investors can make by buying prestigious art and holding on to them as they appreciate.

Regular people have historically been shut out of such lucrative investment opportunities, but Domini has a creative way to get around that. It uses ERC20 tokens and fractionalization to allow investors to purchase portions of real artworks.

Using ERC-20 coins (non-fungible tokens) to open up art investments

Domini sends out its team of art experts to curate artworks from all over the world that represent a wide range of styles and periods. The best works that demonstrate a history of consistent price appreciation are acquired and sent to insured vaults that will be their new home.  

A non-fungible token of each piece is then made to serve as its digital version. The ERC20 coin is fractionalized, allowing investors to buy small pieces of it. Most people don’t have $31.9 million to invest in famous works like Les Femmes d’Alger, but they can afford to buy small portions of its digital version that have been broken into thousands of fractions. They get to enjoy a proportional share of all financial gains made from the original and their tokens appreciate in proportion with the original piece. $DOMI is used for all purchases on the Domini marketplace.

Ripple ($XRP) expands reach with SBI Remit partnership

The collaboration between SBI and Ripple aims to improve SBI Remit’s edge in the international money transfer market by speeding up transactions while lowering fees. The prime markets selected in Asia have already demonstrated a high volume of bank-account-based transfers, making them ideal candidates for incorporating Ripple’s powerful tech.


Domini’s presale has emerged as one of the most profitable opportunities in the crypto space, setting investors up to grow their capital by 440% from the beta stage to the time tokens are available on exchanges. Ripple’s recent partnership with SBI Remittance wasn’t enough to push prices up due to the powerful bearish sentiments in the cryptocurrency space, but it’s positive news for the top altcoin’s long-term future.

For Info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community


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