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Shifting Alliances: The Emerging Cryptocurrency Captivating Those Formerly Invested in Solana and Optimism

Press Releases

As Solana (SOL) logged an impressive rise in trading volumes, Optimism (OP) has made fresh announcements for the new event. Meanwhile, Borroe Finance ($ROE) catches everyone’s attention with its amazing presale run. Besides, reports suggest SOL and OP investors are shifting their investments to $ROE. Let’s explore which is a good crypto to buy.


Solana Trading Volume Overshadows ETH

On December 25, Solana exceeded Ethereum in 24-hour perpetual futures trading volume, reaching $5.56 billion compared to Ethereum’s $4.68 billion. This also coincides with a 7.51% increase in Solana’s price. SOL is doing incredibly well in market performance.

In addition, Solana has reached the $119 level for the first time since 2022. SOL has seen an incredible growth of 66% since December 20, trading around $120 on December 25. Experts say SOL might enter the overbought zone soon.

Yet, technical indicators of SOL show bullish signs as the RSI sits above 80. Also, experts say Solana is in the oversold zone, intensifying the bullish outlook of SOL. Many traders are also betting on a further rise in SOL’s price. 

Despite the current bullish run, some analysts expect SOL will retrace back. If a bearish trend prevails in the Solana chart, then SOL might fall to $100 at the start of 2024. For this reason, Solana investors may shift their investment to other top altcoins like Borroe Finance.

Borroe Finance Continues To Surge Catching Investors’ Attention

As Web3 expands, Borroe Finance aligns with the principles of Web3 that follow an innovative trading approach. Given that Borroe Finance successfully addresses the bureaucracy faced in the traditional financing market, $ROE has been one of the best cryptos to invest in, outpacing established cryptos like SOL and OP. 

For this reason, Borroe Finance’s evolving digital funding system has outclassed traditional funding and fostered peer-to-peer transactions. This allows buyers to trade discounted invoice NFTs on secondary markets easily.

The AI-driven risk assessment and efficient payment solution have even added allure to Borroe Finance. Additionally, Borroe Finance incorporates on-ramp and off-ramp crypto while performing fiat payment solutions.

Borroe Finance is in Stage 3 with a price of $0.0175 per token. So far, Borroe Finance has already raised over $2.1 million, selling nearly all of the total $ROE tokens for the stage. The price of $ROE in Stage 4 is set at $0.019. Investors opting for the $ROE token now will profit by 128.57% after its price reaches $0.040.

Investors are choosing $ROE as the best crypto investment for its bright prospect in 2024.


Optimism Extends Deadline of Their Art Event

On December 6, Optimism extended the deadline for the event–‘We Love the Art’ to January 8. Optimism offered more time for creators to create, submit, and have their artwork reviewed by their judges. OP community is excited after the extension of the deadline.

Besides, Optimism sees an excellent surge from $1.73 on December 6 to $3.55 on December 25, representing an incredible gain of over 100%. Looking at Optimism’s price trend, experts say OP broke the huge resistance at $3.30 and climbed to new heights. 

In addition, the Optimism price is also trading above the significant MAs, showing extreme bullish sentiment for OP. Moreover, Optimism’s technical indicators, like RSI, stayed in the overbought zone. Also, the MACD on OP charts revealed a potential pullback.

Experts anticipate that if OP retraces back, then OP will go down to $2.90 by the start of 2024. Thus, OP investors may explore options like $ROE in the long-term.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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