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Solana and Cardano: The Future of Crypto and Where Everlodge Fits In

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One way to take a look at what is really important to a crypto is to check out their mission statements and aims.  Here we compare Solana, Cardano and Everlodge and see how they match up to what the markets are demanding.

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Solana’s most promising future lies in Solana Pay

If you check the Solana’s Foundation mission statement you will see that their main concern appears to be “Censorship resistance”. That sounds lofty, but in crypto, censorship resistance is about making sure nobody can control or mess with a blockchain or crypto network.

Solana is designed to be tough. They use tech like Proof of History (PoH) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) to make transactions fast and secure. 

On a practical level, the main focus of Solana seems to be attracting mass usage by being fast, easy to use, with a good UI and UX. Solana Pay is probably the most exciting feature of Solana right now though, especially since they’ve just partnered with Shopify to allow retailers to easily accept USDC.

So for me, Solana’s real mission is to become an everyday usable web3 solution that will attract the masses. 

Solana isn’t perfect, with its outages and other problems, but they are approaching the task in a slick way that you don’t see with many other more dev focused chains like Cardano.

Cardano’s Github overtakes all other chains in terms of developer activity

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson says it aims to be a third generation blockchain, but what does that actually mean?

First generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin focused on decentralizing money and allowing peer-to-peer transactions without a trusted third party. However, they lacked functionality beyond basic transactions.

Second generation blockchains like Ethereum allowed more complex smart contracts and decentralized applications through a programming language. But they still face challenges with scalability, governance, and sustainability.

Cardano’s third generation vision is a blockchain that solves these limitations. Its goals are to achieve scalability through advances like the Ouroboros proof-of-stake protocol, enable interoperability between blockchains, and promote long-term sustainability through ideas like their treasury system.

The overarching vision is for Cardano to achieve the scalability, interoperability, and sustainability needed to become a global financial platform that can support the needs of users worldwide. 

Although Cardano has been slow to translate their plans into tangible products, the ever increasing amount of commits on Cardano’s github (which recently surpassed all other chains), shows that the code is constantly being refined. And the increasing number of Dapps on chain is telling. 

Cardano fans now just need to hope that the recent Hydra scaling solution can make it as fast as Solana.

Everlodge is poised to bring tokenization of property homes to Web3

Everlodge state their mission as “disrupting the vacation home industry, by introducing the world’s first co-ownership platform on the blockchain”.

They are going to achieve this by partnering with luxury holiday chains and property owners. They will then tokenize the deeds of the property in an NFT. After that they are able to sell fractions of this NFT to potential investors, who will then receive rental yield incomes and benefit from property price rises.

This approach is intended to solve various problems: Firstly, many would-be investors simply don’t have enough capital to purchase a whole property. 

Secondly, it takes care of a whole basket of problems related to property ownership including not having to deal with the actual buying and renting process and therefore avoiding tax issues, unnecessary fees, paperwork, whilst receiving property maintenance and tenant management solutions.

The high liquidity of the platform will mean that people can quickly trade which is something not possible when selling a home traditionally.

By mixing web3 and vacation property investing, Everlodge is right on trend with the tokenization of Real World Assets, something that experts like Blackrock’s Larry Fink see are the future of blockchain.

The project is in beta and the ELDG token is currently available for $0.01. It will launch when it gets to $0.038 and forecasters predict a possible 30x on the token generation event.

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