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Solana (SOL) and XRP (XRP) Are Tipped To Return 200%, Pomerdoge (POMD) Heading to the Moon

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The recent developments with Solana (SOL) and XRP (XRP) have become eye-catching for veterans and potential investors, with analysts tipping them to return 200% profit soon. In the same vein, Pomerdoge (POMD) boasts of a high return of investment (ROI), which crypto enthusiasts can leverage. Keep reading to know the most recent updates about these three tokens and their reliability.

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Payment Integration Helps Solana (SOL) To Maintain Strength Despite Latest Sell Pressure

The future seems bright for cryptos as more cryptocurrencies are being used as a form of payment during shopping and other activities.  Solana Pay is making waves as it partners with Shopify to make payment faster and stress-free for entrepreneurs and merchants. The advantage is that this helps to eliminate third-party processing payment and transaction fees.

No doubt, such a development is convincing and shows potential for more use cases.  For Solana (SOL), it can be the start of more integrations and becoming a giant network utility. By implication, it increases the possibility of more demands for the SOL token. 

Solana has seen a gradual rise in the last few days after battling the bear market in the last few weeks. With the positive news, investors and analysts are tipping Solana to return 200% gains soon.  

Investors Hopes Are Renewed Despite XRP’s (XRP) Latest Slump

Investors have remained optimistic about a resurgence for XRP despite the coin battling the bear market in the last few weeks. The coin is currently facing legal dealings, which analysts believe could have a negative effect on the coin. 

Even at that, crypto enthusiasts project an improved price performance for the token before the end of the year based on the numerous use cases of the coin.XRP has different use cases, including low-cost transactions, speed, etc. The ecosystem was designed to enhance cross-border financial transactions by banks and financial institutions. 

XRP is experiencing an uptrend, with crypto experts predicting a bullish run in the coming days. The technical analysis shows a bull run in sight with the green lines active. If that happens, the possibility of XRP returning 200% profit in the future is high.  

Latest Coin, Pomerdoge (POMD) Impresses and Gets Veterans’ Nod

Investors have projected that XRP, Solana and Pomerdoge will return 200% soon. The chances of the POMD token returning profits are very high based on its unique use cases, which have attracted investors to the project. 

The P2E gaming platform comes with three key components to redefine the perception of meme coins as it incorporates virtual gaming. Hence, investors are thrilled with the solutions it brings.

Pomergame is a gaming hub for players to have an exciting gaming experience. They have their unique avatars and can trade them at the Pomerplace marketplace. Also, investors can buy and sell other in-game assets in the marketplace. The platform has made available 7,777 NFTs, which are only available to presale buyers of the token.

POMD token is currently sold for $0.009. Investors will also earn a percentage of the revenue generated from the Pomergame platform. The revenue will be shared based on the number of POMD tokens a user holds. 

SolidProod and Cyberscope have certified and audited the project to ensure optimum security. The token’s liquidity will be locked for life to protect the investor’s assets. Experts have projected a 17x price increase before the end of Q4 of 2023, making now the best time to invest for future gains. 

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