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Solana, XRP (XRP), Everlodge Are Up Over 30% on the Monthly Chart, Will This Trend Continue?

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July was an eventful month for the crypto market and a green one for investors. Prominent tokens like Solana (SOL) and Ripple (XRP) witnessed impressive gains of over 30% on the monthly chart. However, as a new month begins, the question on investors’ and enthusiasts’ minds is, “Will this trend continue in August?” 

Given how volatile the crypto market is and the easy shift in trend and sentiment, it is a tough nut to crack. Amidst this, one thing is certain: the soaring growth of Everlodge (ELDG). Everlodge is a groundbreaking hybrid property platform that aims to revolutionize the real estate industry.

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Solana (SOL) Gathers Momentum for Another Bullish Leg

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain technology. Solana leverages the permissionless nature of blockchain technology to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Since its launch in 2020, Solana has risen to become a key player in the DeFi space.

The previous month, July, saw a resurgence in bullish sentiment as Solana soared by over 30% on the monthly chart. The surge in Solana can be attributed to whale accumulation and adoption by developers and institutions. With Solana showing bullish momentum, another run in August seems to be in discussion.

Ripple (XRP): Investors Await Strong Indicators Before Making Their Next Move

Ripple (XRP) is a digital payment protocol, with XRP, the utility token, at the heart of the ecosystem. XRP has been riding on its recent victory against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a result, XRP was one of the biggest winners in the crypto market, with its price movement in August up for debate.

After surging by over 30% in July, there is a faction that believes XRP will build on the momentum. On the other hand, the other faction argues that XRP has already run its course. According to them, investors will be taking profits in August, which will result in a price correction before another rally.

With a dilemma presented to investors, caution is being exercised as investors await strong indicators before deciding their next move.

Everlodge (ELDG): The Future of Property Investment

According to Grand View Research, the global real estate market was valued at $3.69 trillion in 2021. Moreover, with an annual growth rate of 5.2%, the market would be worth approximately $6 trillion in 2030. Hence, by tapping into this industry and introducing a novel concept, Everlodge is poised for adoption and immense growth.

Everlodge is a blockchain-based property marketplace that aims to give access to the ever-expanding real estate industry. Through its innovative marketplace, users will be able to fractionally invest in hotels, luxury villas, and vacation homes. 

Consequently, Everlodge will become the world’s first company to combine fractional home ownership with timeshare and NFT technology.

As a novel marketplace, Everlodge will be a mutually beneficial ecosystem for home and property owners and investors. The project will partner with prominent hotel chains and luxury property developers to acquire their properties.

With hotels and luxury villas digitized and minted into NFTs, they will be represented on the blockchain as digital assets. The NFTs will be fractionalized into bits, thereby introducing a partial investment model that allows smaller purchases, as low as $100.

As the value of property increases—which will be significant considering the projected growth of the market—so will the value of the NFT. The EGLD presale is ongoing at a token price of $0.01.

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