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Wish.com (WISH) company profile

Wish.com (NASDAQ: WISH) is an American online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers and is operated by ContextLogic Inc. The company was founded in July 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, with headquarters in San Francisco.

The company trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker WISH, having gone public on December 16, 2020. 

The company offers a discovery-based shopping platform connecting merchants’ products to users based on user preferences. The platform also provides a personalized product feed to help shoppers discover products to purchase through mobile applications and the web. Additionally, the Wish platform also incorporates user-generated content, including photos, videos, and reviews, among other products.

The company also offers ProductBoost, an advertising tool for merchants that helps to promote products. The company also provides a merchant dashboard with analytics assisting merchants in selling products and tracking their performance. The company has operations in Europe, North America, South America, and globally.

Wish main competitors

  • eBay;
  • AliExpress;
  • BangGood;
  • GearBest;
  • Zulily;
  • Poshmark;
  • ASOS.

Wish key milestones

In 2017, Wish became the most downloaded e-commerce application in the United States the same year the company signed a multi-year partnership deal with NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. In 2018, Wish was also the most downloaded e-commerce application worldwide.

In August 2019, ContextLogic received a Series H funding round that saw Wish assets hit a staggering $11.2 billion in valuation while attracting investors like JD.com. 

In 2021, Wish entered a two-year partnership with e-commerce software provider PrestaShop to help merchants using the software quickly sell to consumers on the Wish marketplace. 

Wish.com FAQs

Does Wish stock pay dividends?

Wish (NASDAQ: WISH) does not pay a dividend.

Has Wish stock ever split?

Since going public, Wish has had zero stock split as of September 2021.

How does Wish handle fake products?

Wish has a strict policy against the listing or sale of products that violate the intellectual property rights of others.

Does Wish have a cancellation policy?

Yes, Wish has penalties for canceled orders.