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Tamadoge Set for ByBit on April 27 with TAMA Predicted to Rocket Ahead of Two More Leading CEX Listings

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TAMA tokens are expected to surge in the coming weeks and months with the utility coin set to list on three tier-one centralized exchanges by the end of July.

The first of those will come this week when TAMA, the native token of the Tamadoge ecosystem, is listed on ByBit from 8am UTC on Thursday, April 27.

It has also been revealed that the meme token, which also has vast utility within the play-to-earn Tamaverse, will then be listed on two other tier one CEXs in June and July.

Although short-term price action dipped after the ByBit news was announced, 24-hour trading volume has surged to $9.75 million – cementing TAMA as a top 10 meme coin.

With the Tamadoge Arcade already attracting more players than Decentraland and The Sandbox combined – and an augmented reality (AR) mobile app expected later this year – the future looks exceptionally bright for the project.

ByBit Bullish for TAMA

ByBit is one of the top centralized exchanges in the whole space by every metric.

The Dubai-based CEX is rated in the top five by trusted crypto data aggregators CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and is one of the most trusted exchanges for customers.

In fact, it is one of only seven CEXs that get a full 10 in CoinGecko’s trust score and also publicly publishes its proof-of-reserves information to put investors’ minds at ease.

ByBit manages more than $550 billion of daily trading volume, one of only 15 CEXs to do so, and also boasts a huge customer base.

It has had 3.54 million weekly visits, trailing only Binance, and 20.7 million monthly visits, behind only Binance, Coinbase and Huobi

More Listings in June and July

The ByBit listing is the first of three major listings this summer for the token, with the project’s developers recently revealing two more are on the way,

One will take place in June and another in July and although no specific names have been mentioned, there is only a limited pool of tier-one CEXs – Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken and Coinbase among them.

Those five exchanges make a huge portion of the entire crypto market, with tens of millions of combined customers and billions of dollars in daily trading volume.

When the ByBit rumor was first revealed it sparked a massive run for TAMA, with the token rising from around $0.01 to a local high of $0.035 within two weeks.

Similar price action will be predicted in the run-up to the next listings, while major exchanges tend to copy each other, with future listings following in a snowball effect.

Tamadoge is also set up for long-term success because of its vast ecosystem.

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Tamadoge Arcade Live and Outperforming Decentraland and The Sandbox

Although it’s a meme coin at heart, Tamadoge is also a crypto gaming project with huge utility for TAMA tokens.

The Tamadoge Arcade has released five games since the start of 2023 –  Super Doge, Rocket Doge, Tama Blast, Ramadoge Run and To The Moon – to huge success, with the games attracting thousands of players already.

Players compete in fun and addictive retro-style arcade games for a place on the leaderboard and weekly and monthly rewards, with free-to-play versions also available.

The Arcade is already outperforming Decentraland and The Sandbox – which are often cited as the biggest in the play-to-earn space.

Those two games each have market caps over $1 billion and at their peak during the 2021 bull run had a combined market cap of almost $20 billion.

However, while retail and institutional investors flocked to invest in SAND and MANA, players did not follow and, according to DappRadar data, the games now have a combined unique monthly player base of less than 20,000.

Tamadoge on the other hand – with a market cap of only $23 million, 2.3% the size of just one of those projects – already boasts more than 25,000 unique monthly players and has the potential to earn mass appeal.

Augmented Reality App on the Way

The Tamadoge Arcade is not the only string to the Tamadoge bow, with the project also developing its main feature, an augmented reality (AR) mobile app, which is expected to release later this year.

The AR game will see players breed and grow Tamadoge Pets, purchasing food, toys and treats in the Tamadoge Pet Store, before eventually battling against other players for a place on the leaderboard.

Tamadoge NFTs offer boosted attributes and stats in the battles, while the game allows the Pets and players to explore and interact with the real world. 

Being a mobile app, players can also access their pets 24/7 and on the go.

As well as allowing players to grow their pets, the Pet Store plays an important part in the Tamadoge ecosystem because it provides a burn mechanism for the TAMA supply.

Already boasting an extremely limited supply for a meme coin – just 2 billion, compared to 130 billion for Dogecoin and 549 trillion for Shiba Inu – Pet Store transactions will come with a 10% token burn, making the supply deflationary.

Over time, Pet Store transactions will drastically cut the max supply, increase scarcity and, therefore, increase the value of each token.

Tamadoge Appoint Mobile Gaming Heavyweight

In February, it was also revealed that mobile gaming heavyweight Jon Bishop would join the project as its new CEO.

Bishop’s previous role was as Head of Mobile for Outright Games, the world’s largest publisher of children’s mobile games.

They developed games for global IP brands such as Paw Patrol, Bratz and Peppa Pig.

He also previously had roles at eBay and PayPal, as well as a marketing role at tier-one CEX Huobi.

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