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Terra Luna Classic and Shiba Inu Are Planning a Comeback but Everlodge Looks the Better Bet

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After a poor performance throughout Q3, Terra Classic and Shiba Inu are preparing for a comeback. Terra Classic has already started to rally over the last week, while Shiba Inu slowed down its decline. However, Everlodge could be the winner out of the three. Everlodge is already up by 80% during its presale and is preparing for another surge going into October. 

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Everlodge on Track To Hit an All-Time High Going Into Q4

Everlodge is offering significant returns during its presale. In just 3 presale stages the project has already increased in value by 80% and is now on track to hit a new all-time high this week. So, how is Everlodge performing so well when most of the crypto market has declined?

Firstly, Everlodge is unlike any project in the DeFi market. It introduces a one-of-a-kind marketplace where investors can buy equity in vacation properties. This is possible using NFT technology, and in particular, NFTs. 

Each property listed on Everlodge is minted as an NFT and fractionalized. Investors can then purchase NFT fractions for as little as $100. Each NFT will grant an investor percentage ownership of a property, with each property having several investors. 

This lucrative new concept is expected to become a big hit throughout the travel property market, which large investors currently monopolize. In addition to reducing the amount of funds needed to invest, Everlodge also removes red tape around the travel property market. 

Its platform is fully decentralized. This means investors can get involved without passing credit or background checks. Instead, they purchase equity in properties worldwide regardless of their location or financial background. This is expected to level out the playing field, while providing new opportunities for both investors and property sellers.

Everlodge will sell 480,000,000 ELDG tokens during its presale. Tokens are currently selling for $0.018, having increased from $0.01 since the presale started. Everlodge is expected to increase by 280% during the presale stage and 30x upon launch. This increase, as well as a number of token holder benefits, makes Everlodge a no-brainer according to experts. 

Will Shiba Inu Recover Now Shibarium Has Stabilized? 

Shiba Inu suffered a steep price drop in August and September after its new Layer-2 scalability platform launched. Upon launch, Shibarium experienced a significant issue, causing Shiba Inu’s value to crash. Since this crash, Shiba Inu has only continued to decline. 

However, Shiba Inu’s value has somewhat stabilized over the last week. The project has only decreased by 1.66%, suggesting that Shiba Inu’s decline is slowing. With Shibarium gaining over 1 million unique wallets, analysts now believe that Shiba Inu could potentially bounce back. With one Shiba Inu token currently selling for just $0.000007253, many believe the project is a win-win investment. 

Terra Classic Chooses To Halt USTC Minting

Terra Classic has decided to stop the minting of terraUSD (USTC) after the token crashed by 99% in 2022. This decision, made by a community vote, has driven up the value of Terra Classic as some investors anticipate a recovery. 

At the time of writing Terra Classic was trading at $0.00006011 and has increased by 3.81% over the last week. However, some experts suggest that this decision may have little influence on Terra Classic. Given that Terra Classic’s reputation was destroyed during its crash, it’s unlikely that the project will suddenly surge due to a single decision. Instead, it could be years until Terra Classic sees a full recovery. 

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