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TG.Casino is the New GambleFi Token That’s Just Raised $2.5M and is Being Backed to 10x

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Crypto investors are waking as blockchain quietly revolutionizes the gambling industry. The crypto casino market has done a 3x in a matter of weeks, and the new presale TG Casino is drawing unprecedented excitement after raising $2.5 million.

However, the crypto casino industry remains grossly undervalued, holding a total market cap of $741 million, with market leader Rollbit valued at $630 million. In comparison, the broader casino industry holds a staggering $263 billion valuation.

Given crypto casino’s endless advantages to its legacy counterpart, coupled with the upcoming crypto bull run in 2024, the industry is on the cusp of exploding, with TG Casino posied for the highest gains.

TG Casino is Destined for Success, According to Analysts

Amid the crypto casino mania, numerous prominent analysts and web3 key opinion leaders (KOLs) have proposed TG Casino as the most promising project.

According to analyst Cilinix Crypto, TG Casino is primed to 10x after its exchange launch. However, given its low market cap at launch, this may even be an underestimation of where it could be headed.

This is evident in YouTuber HotCuppaCrypto’s analysis, where he speculates that TG Casino could 100x after its IEO. 

Meanwhile, the project has also been picked up by the Crypto News YouTube channel, touting it as the “next 10x crypto sensation.”

TG Casino’s hype is also evident in social media activity, with the TG Casino X account garnering over 10K followers and regularly receiving thousands of impressions on tweets.

X commentators are also backing TG Casino, with prominent trader Eric Cryptoman labeling it an “extremely high-level casino” and stating that he personally “invested big into the presale.”

Analyst Dogen is also bullish on the project, noting that it has already amassed 2,000 players and that he has invested in it.

Unwavering Presale Success Hints at Explosive IEO

Alongside the backing of some of the industry’s most prominent analysts, investors have also rallied behind TG Casino, which is evident in its significantly explosive presale.

After launching seven weeks ago, the presale has raised a whopping $2.5 million, indicating the halfway point to its hard cap. As such, time is running out for new buyers to secure their $TGC at its discounted presale price.

Yet, scratching beneath the surface better illustrates the project’s vast potential. The presale has raised significant funds, and whales are showing their commitment through substantial investments. 

One whale recently invested $50K into the presale and then staked their holdings. Erik Stevens pointed this out, noting that the whale sold Rollbit tokens to fund the investment.

Given that Rollbit is the current market leader, this illustrates the strong support behind TG Casino and further solidifies its place in the market.

In its journey to $2.5 million, the TG Casino presale recently raised a staggering $300K in one day. This occurred because word is spreading about the project and the notable value it brings to the crypto casino industry.

Simply put, TG Casino is trending because it holds countless advantages over market leader Rollbit and other crypto casinos.

It is an anonymous Telegram-based casino with significant perks and sophisticated tokenomics, all attributed to its vast long-term potential.

Users can gamble without an account, and it is KYC-free, delivering a seamless user experience to get started.

Furthermore, its $TGC token provides significant benefits. For instance, it offers free rewards, access to exclusive games and rooms, 25% cashback on all losses, and a 223% staking APY.

TG Casino also features a buyback mechanism, repurchasing $TGC from the open market. It will burn 40% of the tokens and allocate 60% to staking rewards, making $TGC deflationary and enabling users to benefit from the casino’s success.

Overall, the project’s unique advantages are pushing it to amass a sizeable crypto casino market share. Competitors should be aware because it has already started drawing liquidity from other projects.

Currently, investors can buy $TGC for $0.16, but with a price rise three days away and the presale 50% sold out, they must act fast.

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