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TG.Casino Presale Raises $150,000 in Minutes as Whales Flock to Telegram-Powered Crypto Casino Offering 4,000% APY

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The presale for TG.Casino ($TGC) has raised $150,000 in only minutes as crypto whales flock to the new Telegram-powered crypto casino.

The casino will utilize the messaging app’s powerful bot to offer instant sign-ups, deposits and withdrawals that do not incur any fees or require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

The Telegram casino will offer instant, secure and anonymous Web3 transfers as well as lean on the blockchain to offer a highly trustworthy and transparent gaming environment.

TG.Casino also offers thousands of leading, provably fair games, a wide-ranging sportsbook and an extremely generous welcome offer.

TGC tokens – used for staking and as a rewards, loyalty and profit-sharing token – are currently available on presale for $0.125.

Improved User Experience

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with almost 800 million active global users.

It is also one of the best apps around because of its powerful bot capabilities, that allow for automation, app hosting and end-to-end encryption.

TG.Casino utilizes Telegram to make the user experience an instant market leader as players can sign-up, deposit and withdraw funds instantly, securely and anonymously directly via the Telegram app.

No KYC verification needs to be undertaken, with the phone number connected to the Telegram app acting as a unique customer profile, with sign up taking just one command prompt and essentially instantaneous.

Players can then use WalletConnet, which directly connects to other major Web3 wallets like Coinbase, MetaMask or TrustWallet, to allow for direct transfer of crypto with no fees or limits and a minimum amount of $1.

Telegram also allows for 24/7 customer support and secure and encrypted gaming.

TG.Casino Users Earn from Staking and a Buy Back

The incredible staking yield currently on offer has been one of the main reasons the TGC token presale has enjoyed such a quick start.

Tokens can be locked into the staking pool and, at the time of writing, earn an annualized yield percentage (APY) in excess of 4,000%.

However, that’s not the only advantage to staking tokens – those who stake are able to generate even more rewards through the project’s buy back.

A portion of casino profits will be used daily to purchase TGC via a decentralized exchange.

Of that buy back, 60% will be shared among those staking tokens and 40% will be burned – burning creates a deflationary supply, further increasing the value of TGC tokens as the supply is cut over time.

Rewards are calculated based on the staked amount and duration, and released to the staker’s wallet at the end of the staking period.

Presale Info and Tokenomics

The TGC presale is underway and has quickly gained a lot of attention due to its staking rewards and buy back.

The project also has robust tokenomics with a 100 million total supply – of that 40% has been allocated to the presale and 20% to the liquidity pool, with another 20% for staking.

A further 10% is for the player rewards and bonuses and 5% each to marketing efforts and affiliates – there is no team allocation indicating a fair launch.

The project is also undertaking an audit of its smart contract by Coinsult, a leading blockchain security firm, with the results to be published soon.

TGC tokens are priced at $0.125 with a $5 million hard cap during the presale.

Casino and Welcome Bonus

Crypto gaming has rapidly become one of the most popular activities in Web3 but there is still an incredible amount of room for growth.

While the global casino market has more than a billion players and is currently valued in excess of $260 billion, the crypto casino market is worth just $250 million.

That is expected to rise dramatically in the next five years as the overall player base grows to an estimated 1.5 billion and more players turn to Web3 for provably fair games, decentralized and anonymous playing and rapid transfers via crypto.

With its Telegram functionality, which is all conducted via mobile, TG.Casino puts itself at the forefront of this conversation.

Although specific games have not been confirmed, TG.Casino will offer leading slots games from top developers, live and virtual tables, and a full sportsbook.

The casino is licensed in Curacao and followers responsible gaming and anti-money laundering policies.

TG.Casino will also offer new players a mammoth 150% welcome bonus up to $30,000 and 500 free spins.

The TGC presale is now open on the website. More info can be found in the TG.Casino whitepaper or on the Telegram community group.

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