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Traders Think This New GambleFi Token Could 10x After Raising $1.4M Through ICO

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The crypto casino trend is hot at the moment, with projects like Rollbit attracting hundreds of millions in liquidity. However, an emerging ICO project, TG Casino ($TGC), is touted to outperform all others thanks to its unique advantages and compelling tokenomics.

What’s more, the project is currently undergoing a presale at a discounted price of $0.1375, and several prominent traders have backed the project to explode 10x or higher.

KYC-Free Crypto Casino Built on Telegram and Fully Licensed

TG Casino features a novel concept of a crypto casino built exclusively on the Telegram application. With one billion users and a seamless user interface, Telegram has become a hotbed for crypto innovation, with projects like Toncoin and Unibot leveraging the platform for speed and global accessibility.

Launching on Telegram means that users can bet in seconds, with a much more simplistic user experience than earlier crypto casinos. What’s more, TG Casino is anonymous, not requiring users to verify their identity or create an account to get started. 

This is a significant advantage over market leader Rollbit, which is often criticized for its tedious signup process. Instead, TG Casino users can get started in seconds simply by connecting their Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Furthermore, Telegram’s end-to-end encryption means users can privately gamble from anywhere in the world. 

Another exciting feature of TG Casino is that it is fully licensed and regulated, being one of the only Telegram casinos to hold that accolade. This provides users with confidence that they are interacting with a reputable and secure casino and is yet another advantage over Rollbit, which is not currently regulated.

Robust Tokenomics Hint at Massive Long-Term Potential 

The $TGC token holds significant benefits for users, like special rewards, access to exclusive games and rooms, 350% staking annual percentage yield (APY), and 25% cashback on all losses.

Those who invest over $5K in the presale will also be deemed high rollers, receiving ultra-rare NFTs and even more rewards.

These perks will likely create significant utility-driven demand for the token but are far from the only thing driving interest in the project.

The other prominent factor is TG Casino’s innovative buyback mechanism, which repurchases $TGC tokens with a portion of the casino’s revenue. It will send 60% of the tokens to staking rewards and burn the other 40%.

This mechanism is likely to bolster the token’s supply and demand dynamics, and the more popular the casino is, the more demand and token burning will occur.

According to its website, 40% of $TGC tokens will be available in the presale, with 20% allocated to exchange liquidity, 20% to staking rewards, 10% to player rewards, 5% to affiliates, and 5% to marketing.

Another consideration is that the platform will generate real revenue through its casino, providing the team with ample resources to grow the project and bolstering its long-term potential.

Traders Predict 10X Gains for $TGC Following Its IEO

With such a promising use case, countless high-profile analysts and traders have weighed in on TG Casino and where its price could be headed.

Popular Youtuber Clinix Crypto recently covered the project, highlighting it has massive potential and predicting 10x returns. According to the analyst, TG Casino’s innovative tokenomics, paired with its promising utility is why it could explode.

Meanwhile, HotCuppaCrypto is even more bullish on TG Casino, predicting a staggering 100x return from its presale price. According to the analyst’s recent YouTube video, the integration of Telegram could cause the price to surge in line with other Telegram bot projects that have pumped recently.

The Wolf’s Crypto Den YouTube channel has also picked up on the project, predicting that it could become the number one crypto casino thanks to its novel use case. 

Can It Reach a $500 Million Market Cap or Higher Like Rollbit?

With 40% of tokens available in its presale and a $5 million hard cap, TG Casino’s market cap at launch will equate to $12.5 million.

Meanwhile, Rollbit holds a $571 million market cap, giving TG Casino room for a 45x to catch up.

Although there is no guarantee it will overtake Rollbit, its early presale success combined with its advantages over Rollbit and its backing from prominent analysts all indicate a bright future.

However, with the presale price rising in six days, those looking to secure the best $TGC price must act quickly.

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