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Trending Cryptocurrency Presale Bitcoin BSC Raises $4 Million, Hits Soft Cap As Demand High For Bitcoin Alternatives

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One of the hottest new tokens of 2023 – Bitcoin BSC – continues to hit major milestones in its presale. In a short span of just over two weeks, the token has already raised over $4 million in its ICO, reaching its soft cap.

With the hard cap of $6.06 million next in its sights, the token is generating tremendous FOMO in the crypto trading communities. The Crypto Whale Pumps group on Telegram, which has 25K subscribers, is bullish on BTCBSC and is predicting the token to outperform after launch. 

Similarly, popular crypto websites like CoinSniper and ICO Bench are ranking the trending cryptocurrency as one of the top-rated ongoing presales in the market. 

If this surging demand is any indication, it will not be long before BTCBSC sells out its hard cap as well, potentially before October.

Bulls Are Backing Bitcoin Alternative BTCBSC

Bitcoin BSC’s strong start in its presale is not surprising, considering its unique value proposition solves one of the biggest frustrations of investors. Most crypto enthusiasts entering the market today are forced to buy BTC at its inflated price of around $27,000. 

Therefore, it is unlikely that they will ever enjoy the same 27,000x rally that those holding BTC at $1 did. 

However, BTCBSC is turning this regret into a new opportunity, one that could deliver 10x or even 100x gains of its own. The token is designed to replicate Bitcoin’s ascent to the top, starting from the early days of April 2011 when it was trading below the $1 mark.

As a result, Bitcoin BSC is priced at just $0.99 in its ICO and has adopted similar tokenomics to BTC. It has a maximum token supply of 21 million, with 6.125 million tokens available in the presale itself – hence the $6.063 million hard cap. 

68% of the token supply has also been allocated to the token’s on-chain staking mechanism, which has proved to be a game changer in boosting its adoption amongst retail investors. 

The remaining 2% of the supply will provide liquidity on exchanges, ensuring that investors can enjoy a hassle-free trading experience. 

Bitcoin BSC caught the eyes of investors right from the start, in part due to the success of similar BTC clones like BTC20. In fact, the aforementioned Crypto Whale Pumps group highlights the similarity between the two projects as one of the big reasons to be bullish on the token. 

However, Bitcoin BSC has one-upped other clone projects through its superior staking utility and efficient BEP-20 design. As a result, experts like Joe Parys believe that BTCBSC is one of the best BTC alternatives on the market and could be a major beneficiary of the next bull run. 

BTCBSC Stake-To-Earn Token Shines After FOMC

This week’s FOMC meeting largely met market expectations as the Fed decided to pause its monetary tightening. However, Fed chair Jerome Powell made it clear that another interest rate hike can be expected, also revealing that the benchmark rate will be much higher next year than previously forecasted. 

Powell’s statements have created a tricky situation for Bitcoin investors – on the one hand, the pause on hikes is good news for the market, while on the other hand, higher interest rates could drive investors to safer investments like stablecoins and cash. 

However, the Bitcoin price remains choppy – today crashing back below the $27,000 level. Bitcoin BSC’s stake-to-earn utility offers a Bitcoin alternative with potentially higher upside for the remainder of 2023, and a way to generate passive income. 

The BTCBSC staking pool is currently offering rewards of 0.25 tokens per block, and over 120% APY. Over 2 million BTCBSC – half of all the tokens currently sold in the ICO – have already been staked. 

Staking rewards are paid out every 10 minutes, which ensures that investors continue to hold their tokens for longer periods, contributing to price stability. 

Crypto staking is not the only concept that BTCBSC has introduced to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The token is built on the BNB Smart Chain, which is known for its fast transaction speeds and low costs. 

For example, BTCBSC tokens cost less than 10 cents and hardly require 5 seconds to be completed. On the other hand, Bitcoin transactions routinely require 10 minutes to achieve finality, while also charging $5 to $10 as fees. 

Furthermore, its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism consumes a fraction of Bitcoin’s energy requirements, thus protecting the environment from additional harm. 

In short, Bitcoin BSC is the faster, cheaper and greener version of BTC with high staking rewards, all available at the price of $0.99. As a result, expert traders such as No Bs Crypto and Jacob Bury are bullish on the token and are predicting a 1000% growth after the launch. 

The trending cryptocurrency presale has also recently been featured on top crypto news sites CryptoSlate and Cointelegraph.

However, interested buyers have no time to lose as the viral Bitcoin alternative could sell out its hard cap in a span of a week at its current level of demand.

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