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Trending Meme Coin Project Wall Street Memes Launches Casino Offering a Decentralized GambleFi Experience on Telegram

Press Releases

In a surprising turn of events, Wall Street Memes has switched from the King of Memes to the King of Casinos after announcing the launch of its pioneering Telegram-based platform.

With the explosion of Telegram-related cryptos and casino revenue share models, Wall Street Memes has perfectly positioned itself to capture the trends with its community of 37,000 degen bag holders.

Yet, with its price experiencing a pullback to $0.02042, market participants have a timely opportunity to buy this trending meme coin with newfound utility.

Turning the Tables on Crypto Gambling: Wall Street Memes’ Redefining Approach 

The trendsetting team at Wall Street Memes has delivered an exquisite mix of classic casino games and $WSM exclusives, totaling over 5,000 games that users can access directly from the Telegram application. 

But the excitement does not stop at table games. Users can gamble on sportsbook events, with over 1,000 events to bet at launch.

If that’s not enough, the platform lets you wager with top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the OG meme coin Dogecoin, and all stablecoins.

Yet, the most anticipated feature is the added utility for the $WSM token. Users enjoy 200 free spins when making first-time $WSM deposits and get a 200% bonus on deposits up to $25,000.

Fluid User Experience With Telegram’s Seamless Interface 

Gone are the days of clunky crypto user interfaces. By launching on Telegram, Wall Street Memes Casino lets users make a bet with the click of a button directly from the application. Now, betting takes seconds instead of minutes.

Still, regardless of whether you are placing a bet or sending a GIF, now you can do everything from the seamless Telegram application. 

However, those less versed in the Telegram app will be pleased to know that the Wall Street Memes Casino is also available as a web app. This ensures everyone can play and benefit from the project’s countless advantages.

Exclusive Bonuses, Buybacks, and Burns for Lucrative Potential

With a 200% deposit bonus, every Wall Street Memes Casino newcomer can feel like a proper high roller. For instance, if you deposit $200, you will find $600 in your account ready to play with!

And the true $WSM bulls will benefit the most with 200 free spins when you deposit the platform’s native token. The minimum deposit threshold to receive the bonus spins is just $30.

Yet the casino’s perks do not end there. Building on the success of Rollbit and other successful platforms, Wall Street Memes introduced a buyback mechanism that takes 10% of the casino’s revenue to repurchase $WSM tokens from the open market. 

It will then use these tokens for staking, casino rewards, or burn them. This bolsters the token’s demand, and its burn mechanism will diminish its supply.

The project’s burn portal has already destroyed a whopping 2,289,066 $WSM tokens, currently valued at over $50K. As the casino matures, this number will increase, pushing up the $WSM price.

Wall Street Memes: The Revolution Will Be Decentralized 

Wall Street Memes found its roots in the 2021 GameStop and Wall Street Bets saga, where the “little guys” turned the tables to overpower global financial institutions. 

The project began as a stock and crypto meme account, earning itself the title of King of Stonks. Yet its decentralized meme coin looked to put the power in the hands of the people, enabling users to have ownership and control over their assets and the financial revolution.

Its latest venture into the crypto casino industry is another step in that direction, distributing even more power and control to a decentralized community of meme coin degens.

The $WSM presale took the world by storm when it launched, raising over $25 million in a couple of months and gaining recognition as one of the best-ever presales. It did a 3x from its presale price but has since pulled back, presenting a timely opportunity for potential investors to accumulate more tokens.

Moreover, the token boasts a staking mechanism offering a generous 42% annual percentage yield (APY). This has already drawn investors to stake over 25% of the total supply.

The Wall Street Memes airdrop is also ongoing, offering community staking rewards equating to a staggering $50,000 worth of $WSM. There is not long left before the airdrop ends, so those looking to join must act fast.

Users get up to seven entrees by completing easy tasks like following the Wall Street Memes X account.

Big Plans: Wall Street Memes Impresses Holders With 2024 Roadmap

Wall Street Memes’ sophisticated and calculated approach to long-term success sets it apart from other meme projects. This is evident in its new crypto casino release and ambitious 2024 roadmap plans.

From a high-roller community to marketing campaigns and custom games, the project is covering all bases next year. Other plans include partnerships and collaborations and a WSM Casino affiliate program.

Such plans, combined with its one-million follower community and cutting-edge crypto casino, means Wall Street Memes is not one to miss. 

Join the movement while it is still early, or risk paying a higher price later.

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