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Trending Meme Coin Thug Life Raises $1.8 Million in Presale with Less Than 48 Hours Left to Buy

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Thug Life, a much-hyped presale meme coin, is nearing its initial exchange offering (IEO), having raised over $1.8 million in less than two weeks,

The presale will end in less than 48 hours, so this is the final opportunity to buy $THUG at $0.0007. Following its IEO, $THUG’s price will be determined by supply and demand, with many traders backing the token to explode once it lists on exchanges.

Thug Life pays homage to the Thug Life movement, popularised by Hip Hop stars like Snoop Dogg in the ‘80s. The Thug Life website and social media feature Snoop Dogg alongside other internet stars and memes like Hasbulla, the Dogecoin dog and Pepe the Frog.

Analysts Back $THUG for 100x Returns

According to its website, Thug Life will help its degen community “turn past losses into future wins”, referring to turning missed meme coin opportunities into profits.

Thug Life’s light-hearted temperament, unique inspirations, and clever tokenomics have led some analysts to predict 100x returns.

$THUG’s potential remains to be seen. However, prominent YouTubers like Michael Wrubel, with over 300K followers, and Crypto Gem, with over 67K followers, have made videos forecasting 100x growth.

That said, the opportunity for investors to get in at just $0.0007 is running out, with the presale ending inless than 48 hours. After this, DEXs, Thug Life airdrops, and giveaways will be the only way to secure the Thug Life token.

Fair Tokenomics, Airdrops and Locked Liquidity to Create a Community-Centric Meme Coin

Communities drive meme coins prices. The Thug Life team understands this, carefully designing its tokenomics to reward the community and stand the test of time.

The entire Thug Life presale is priced at $0.0007. Why is this important?

Following the presale, earlier investors will not dump on later investors. Instead, the single-tier presale price will enhance the community’s strength, adding to its long-term potential.

Moreover, 70% of Thug Life tokens will be available during the presale, with a further 15% allocated to airdrops. This puts the majority of tokens directly in the hand of the community.

Consequently, Thug Life could experience less sell pressure than the average presale crypto, enabling its price to surge following its IEO.

Lastly, the team has committed to a 3-month DEX liquidity lock following the IEO – essentially rug-proofing $THUG and displaying their belief in the project.

Is Thug Life the Next Pepe?

Pepe rose from seemingly nowhere, blessing investors with ungodly gains. Could Thug Life repeat history?

Maybe. See, Thug Life will have a market cap at launch of $2,058,000. Pepe boasted a $1.8 billion market cap at its peak and sits at over $600 million today.

Even after a prolonged sell-off, Thug Life would have room for a whopping 300X to get to Pepe’s current price.

While there is no guarantee Thug Life is the next Pepe, the project has generated breathtaking hype so far. Therefore, Thug Life could easily do, say, a 10-30x following its IEO.

Still, 100-300x gains are not out of the question.

Thug Life’s Community Shows Its Strength

Influencers and analysts are not the only ones supporting Thug Life. The Thug Life Twitter already has 4.2K followers and frequents over 500 likes on tweets.

Meanwhile, the Thug Life Telegram has gained 2.6K subs.

Also, the project is backed by the same marketing team that led the Spongebob meme coin to pump 100x following its launch in May. This opens the door to possible exchange listings, press coverage and influencer partnerships following its IEO.

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