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$TUK Is a Token of Innovation for Developing Nations as It Introduces the Affordable Electric Vehicle Revolution – Find Out How

Press Releases

The $TUK token is an innovative cryptocurrency for developing nations that introduces affordable electric vehicles into the region.

The project intends to bring a host of EV solutions to help make the revolutionary shift to sustainable transportation for underprivileged societies.

With over $330,000 already raised, this project’s momentum continues to build as investors flock to become early adopters.

eTukTuk is Forcing the Shift to Sustainable Transport in Developing Economies

eTukTuk is the first electric vehicle charging network built on the Binance chain that introduces the green AI electric vehicle revolution to developing economies.

The project is rooted in the real world, with plans to launch its groundbreaking three-wheeler EV in Sri Lanka during Q1 2024.

eTukTuk intends to set the blueprint for its charging network infrastructure in Sri Lanka before a worldwide expansion.

The project has been described as the most revolutionary sustainability project for the developing world this decade.

They aim to reduce carbon emissions by replacing the legendary tuk-tuk vehicle with an electric version that doesn’t leave behind a carbon footprint.

The traditional tuk-tuk is the most popular mode of transport in developing countries, with over 270 million registered across the globe.

Unfortunately, these vehicles are proven to emit more carbon emissions than traditional cars, making them a significant contributor to global air pollution.

eTukTuk intends to change this dynamic through its affordable EV solution.

eTukTuk Sets New Standards in EV Production

The team has spent over five years perfecting its EV three-wheeler and is finally ready to unleash the eTukTuk.

The vehicle sets new standards in EV production as it can be locally manufactured with fewer than 200 components.

The local manufacturing helps to create new jobs and drives down the cost of the vehicle, making it affordable in developing countries.

With the reduced production and operational cost, drivers are expected to take home over 400% more in wages – helping them provide a sustainable income for their families.

The eTukTuk itself has a patented roll cage design to make it safer than traditional tuk-tuks.

It also uses an LFP battery that comes with an eight-year lifespan to help the vehicle run longer than traditional EVs.

A groundbreaking EV wouldn’t be functional without a charging infrastructure. Therefore, eTukTuk is also bringing a new innovation in charging through a network of charging stations.

The project plans to use local Territory Partners to reduce start-up inefficiencies. The Territory Partners will help strategically place charging stations to ensure accessibility and frequency of charging.

With the two- and three-wheeler EV market expected to grow into the most significant sector by 2030, eTukTuk is setting the foundation to grow into the next electric vehicle powerhouse, earning it the reputation of becoming the Tesla of developing nations.

Now, with the $TUK presale active, you have the opportunity to get positioned in the new Tesla at the ground level.

Earn Through Project Expansion Holding $TUK.

$TUK is your key to earning a profit from this ecosystem,

The $TUK token is the backbone and utility token for the network, and it has carefully designed tokenomics that provide rewards for long-term network participation.

$TUK holders earn rewards every time a driver uses the Driver App to charge their vehicles at one of the charging stations.

As a result, the collective yield for $TUK holders increases as the charging infrastructure grows, leading to long-term revenue growth.

Furthermore, experts believe that the value of $TUK will explode once the eTukTuk launches and the charging networks start to be produced.

Thai creates a dynamic multi-revenue model that balances sustainability with innovation.

Presale Momentum Grows, Get Positioned Before Prices Increase

The $TUK token presale continues to thrive after raising over $330,000.

The presale is currently selling the token for $0.025.

However, there’s a rising pricing strategy in place, meaning the cost of the token will increase during subsequent presale stages.

Therefore, those positioned earlier benefit the most as they get positioned at lower prices.

Furthermore, those participating in the presale have the opportunity to buy and stake their $TUK tokens to earn 700% APY.

Overall, with its groundbreaking three-wheeler, innovative charging infrastructure, and long-term rewards for holders, eTukTuk is setting the foundation for 50x returns in the coming months.

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