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Wall Street Memes Enters Final Day Of Presale Ahead Of IEO Next Week With Traders Backing It To 10x

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Wall Street Memes (WSM), one of the most successful presales of 2023, is entering the last day of its ICO.

In its final stage, the price per token is set at $0.0337, and this price could rise significantly as it launches on multiple Tier 1 exchanges over the next few days. 

Newly listed tokens rise by 41% when debuting on the Binance centralized exchange, for example, and hopes are high that $WSM could rise even higher.

The Meteoric Rise of Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes has raised over $25 million in about four months of its launch, which started on May 26. This is far more than the majority of presales see over the entirety of their campaign, and investor interest is strong, for multiple reasons. It currently offers a staking APY above 50% and a $50,000 WSM airdrop giveaway.

It has also witnessed interaction from Elon Musk on Twitter and has a gigantic following of more than one million followers across its social media platforms. This is vitally important because in an attention-based economy, a large online following can have major implications for trade volume and price levels. 

The campaign centers around getting even with Wall Street, increasing awareness through the issuance of many hilarious (yet accurate) memes that point out certain inequities within the larger financial and political ecosystem. 

This was basically the core theme of Doge and Shiba Inu, which have huge online “armies” of followers, similar to Wall Street Memes’ army of one million strong. Wall Street Memes hopes to achieve similar levels of popularity, with a stated market capitalization target of $1 billion. 

It refers to itself as the “King of Stonks” and its memes are regularly shared and re-shared by retail investors, who tend to agree. 

Tier 1 Listings Confirmed for 27 September

Wall Street Memes has confirmed it will list on multiple tier 1 exchanges on 27 September. If past examples are anything to go by, it could easily be 10x or more when it lists on a major exchange. 

To give an example, Pepe coin, another meme token, rose by 1,000% when it was listed on Binance on May 5th. Binance holds a powerful influence on tokens. 

Wall Street Memes might not list on Binance first (it might list on Coinbase, Kraken, or any number of well-known exchanges), but rumors are already spreading.

It is not yet known for definite which Tier 1 exchanges it will launch upon, though an inside source has tipped Binance as the favorite, which would be the best possible outcome. 

Traders Back WSM to Pump by 10X

Many leading commentators and traders have highlighted the potential of the WSM token, as it wraps up a highly successful presale offering. Jacob Crypto Bury, a reputed presale spotter, has tipped 10x for Wall Street Memes when it lists on a major exchange. 

Michael Wruble, another analyst with over 300k subscribers, echoes similar sentiments in his take on Wall Street Memes, outlining why he is bullish on the project and how it has finally come down to the wire after more than three months of fundraising. He differentiates WSM from other meme cryptos due to the strength of its community and its APY reward model. 

While the presale launched only four months back, he reiterates that this is a community that has been built steadily over many years, posting meme after meme after meme, meticulously refining its approach. 

The initiative was launched in 2019 – they only asked for funds years later, taking a long-term and professional outlook, one that even caught the attention of Elon Musk. Some speculate that Elon might even be a WSM whale, and he has been known to raise the price of other meme tokens (such as Doge) on numerous occasions through his influential tweets. 

Joe Parys, a YouTube influencer with over 300k followers, went as far as to suggest a 100x for WSM, pointing out how previously successful meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Doge turned many into overnight millionaires. 

Last Chance to Get Involved With Wall Street Memes

This is the final chance to take part in the Wall Street Memes campaign, set to list on multiple T1 exchanges over the next few days. 

Many commentators and analysts expect it to launch from Binance and 10x or more, similar to other meme tokens. WSM has multiple advantages over other previously successful meme tokens, due to its community, financial backing, and large social support. 

To take part, users can head over to the official presale page, connect a compatible Web3 wallet, and purchase the ERC-20 token using ETH, USDT, BNB, or Credit Card. 

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale


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