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We Asked for ChatGPT’s Solana Price Prediction & This Is What It Said

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The price of Solana (SOL) has seen significant fluctuations in 2023, leaving many investors wondering where it will go next.

We consulted the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT to get its take on Solana’s future, considering the current context surrounding the token’s price.

While ChatGPT’s response was intriguing, Solana wasn’t the only token to catch the chatbot’s attention – with Web3 platform Launchpad XYZ (LPX) also coming into focus.

Solana’s Volatility Leaves Investors Searching for Stability

It’s been a crazy few months for Solana holders, with the token’s value soaring 143% between June and July before falling 36% in the past month.

At the time of writing, Solana is trading for $20.33 and has closed in the red during five of the last six weeks.

Price is now below the 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) on the daily chart, indicating strong bearish momentum.

This recent downturn comes despite Solana continuing to make strides in the blockchain arena – with Cointelegraph reporting that e-commerce giant Shopify has now integrated with Solana Pay.

The ongoing SOL volatility has left bulls concerned that the token’s heyday is entirely behind it and that price will never return to the all-time high of November 2021.

With SOL now trading 91% below that level, many investors are seeking opportunities elsewhere, prompting Solana to fall to ninth in CoinMarketCap’s list of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap.

ChatGPT Sees Pathway for SOL Resurgence By the End of 2023

We asked ChatGPT for its outlook on Solana by the end of 2023, and the chatbot highlighted several factors that it believes could help SOL rebound.

Fundamentally, ChatGPT sees Solana’s speed and scalability leading to more adoption and partnerships, thereby boosting the SOL price.

Based on these factors, ChatGPT gave a moderate bullish prediction of 50-100% upside for SOL, putting its price at a maximum of $40.60 by the end of 2023.

However, in a strongly bullish scenario, ChatGPT sees potential for a 200-300% surge, placing SOL between $60.90 and $81.20.

While optimistic, ChatGPT’s prediction hints that Solana does still have upside potential in the coming months.

Which Other Cryptocurrencies Is ChatGPT Bullish On?

While Solana was the specific focus of our interaction with ChatGPT, the chatbot also highlighted one other cryptocurrency that it believes could climb in value by the end of the year.

That cryptocurrency is Launchpad XYZ – a brand-new Web3 platform that has raised over $1.4 million through its ongoing presale.

ChatGPT Forecasts Potential 50x Surge for Launchpad XYZ as Presale Raises $1.4m

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is an Ethereum-based platform that utilizes AI and machine learning to help users maximize their profit-making potential in the Web3 space.

On the technical side, ChatGPT noted that the minor support level at $19.50 could hold, allowing a rebound and new uptrend to take place – assuming it’s accompanied by substantial buying volume.

As the project’s whitepaper outlines, Launchpad XYZ will include an AI assistant for tailored trading strategies, a super-quick trading terminal, and a suite of educational materials.

Launchpad XYZ’s team has also developed a ranking system called the Launchpad Quotient, which ranks cryptocurrencies and NFTs based on their price potential.

The project is currently raising funds via a presale for its native LPX token, which is priced at just $0.0445.

Notably, Launchpad XYZ’s developers have implemented a 20% bonus for new buyers who purchase LPX through the presale – although this bonus will only last for four more days.

With nearly 8,000 people already following Launchpad XYZ’s Twitter account before the project has officially launched, the excitement around LPX is growing.

LPX has also caught the attention of ChatGPT, with the chatbot highlighting Launchpad XYZ’s successful presale and the growth of Web3 as factors that could help drive the token’s value.

Due to this, in a highly bullish scenario, ChatGPT believes LPX could hit $2.225 by the end of 2023 – a 50x increase from the presale price.

Ultimately, with the buzz around Launchpad XYZ showing no signs of abating, the project has clear momentum heading into its upcoming exchange launch.

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