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Whale’s 4.6T SHIB Move Sparks Bullish Hopes For $ADA, $XRP, and $QUBE

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Some cryptocurrency analysts are declaring InQubeta ($QUBE), Cardano ($ADA), and Ripple ($XRP) are three of the best altcoins to invest in this year after a whale transferred 4.6 trillion Shiba Inu ($SHIB) tokens between two wallets. The transfer didn’t cause any massive movements in $SHIB prices, but a whale holding large quantities of a token can influence market dynamics.

InQubeta takes on the inaccessibility and inefficiency of traditional investment channels by using ERC20 coins and smart contracts to create a transparent, secure, and easily accessible way to invest in artificial intelligence.

The Cardano project hosts a blockchain that allows for the creation and deployment of decentralized applications. $ADA prices have trended downward since the 2022 crash and have lost over 50% of their value in the past year.

$XRP prices exploded after a U.S. judge ruled it wasn’t a security, but are now back to where they were before the ruling as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has appealed the decision.

Best altcoins to invest in this year: InQubeta ($QUBE) shows impressive potential

The InQubeta presale has been resistant to bearish sentiments in the wider crypto space, selling over $3 million in tokens as it enters its fourth stage. Investors who got in during the beta stage have almost doubled their capital, and those who join now get to grow their capital by almost 3x.

InQubeta has benefited from the bullish attitudes many investors have had toward the artificial intelligence industry over the past several years as investments have grown 10x. Over $120 billion is currently invested in AI, and total investments in the technology are expected to go over the $1.5 trillion mark by 2030.

InQubeta is well-positioned to help direct some of this capital to AI startups that need funding to innovate by providing a hassle-free alternative to mainstream options.

Securing equity in AI startups with $QUBE

AI startups can generate capital on the InQubeta ecosystem by developing and selling equity-based ERC20 coins once approved to use the network. Investors use $QUBE to buy up non-fungible tokens on the InQubeta marketplace’s ERC20 token list and get full ownership over them once deals are finalized.

Some of the tokens sold on the InQubeta marketplace give investors additional benefits like a share of profits or discounts on items developed. Investors can also stake $QUBE to help secure and manage the blockchain. Stakes are rewarded with $QUBE periodically.

Cardano ($ADA) has the potential to be a top altcoin

The Cardano project has made some major strides since its early days like focusing on providing developers with all the tools they need, updating its protocol, and improving its smart contract functionality. The project has also launched its scalability layer, Hydra.

Cardano’s blockchain allows for the development of non-fungible tokens and decentralized financial services, making it one of Ethereum’s main rivals.

The flexibility of the Cardano blockchain positions it to be a major player in the future as networks of heterogeneous, multiple chains become commonplace.

Most of $XRP’s struggles in the past year have been caused by its ongoing battle with the SEC, and the company has vowed to fight with all its available resources. The project continues to expand its global reach, recently partnering up with SBI Remit to improve its payment capabilities in Asia.


$QUBE, $XRP, and $ADA are three of the best altcoins to invest in this year with impressive growth potential. All three projects provide solutions to existing problems from InQubeta opening up AI investments to Cardano rivaling the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain.

$QUBE has the most growth potential out of the three as over $1.5 trillion pours to AI-driven projects over the next several years.

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