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With the Luna Classic Price Down Over 20% in a Month, Here are Three New Altcoins to Buy Instead

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The price of Luna Classic ($LUNC) has crashed over 20% in the past month and is trading at around $0.000063.

Faith in the token continues eroding, as investors are now seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Given the lackluster performance of Luna Classic, many are turning their attention to newer altcoins demonstrating growth potential – with Wall Street Memes ($WSM), Sonik Coin ($SONIK), and Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) grabbing the attention.

Luna Classic Continues Downward Spiral as Bearish Momentum Ramps Up

Since July 24, exactly one month ago, $LUNC has posted four bearish weekly closes in a row – and is heading for a fifth.

Price is now over 99% below April 2022’s all-time high, with CoinMarketCap data showing that trading volumes have dropped nearly 15% in 24 hours.

More worryingly, data from reveals that the number of unique $LUNC holders has stagnated in recent weeks, indicating fading interest in the token.

This trend aligns with Luna Classic’s technicals, which show price struggling to find support and continuing to drop lower.

With the bearish momentum showing no signs of slowing, many investors are beginning to worry that $LUNC will continue its downward spiral, potentially losing even more value in the days ahead.

The heatmap from Coin360 shows that most major coins and tokens have posted gains in the past 24 hours, so the fact that $LUNC is still falling is particularly concerning for investors.

Unsurprisingly, many in the crypto community are still reeling from Terra’s collapse last year, and the memories of that event are impacting the perception of $LUNC.

Due to this, there’s a growing belief that $LUNC’s heyday is entirely behind it – and that the token may fail to post any meaningful gains from now on.

Which Altcoins Could Offer Better Returns Than Luna Classic?

With $LUNC continuing to falter, three alternative coins are attracting investors due to their intriguing roadmaps and enthusiastic communities.

Let’s take a closer look at these coins, which may present more promising opportunities for growth than Luna Classic.

Wall Street Memes Presale Offers Final Chance for Investors Ahead of CEX Listings After Raising $25m

First up is Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a new meme coin born from the WallStreetBets Reddit movement that captivated retail investors in 2021.

This community-focused initiative aims to give power back to the “degens” by rewarding holders of $WSM – the project’s native ERC-20 token.

Moreover, Wall Street Memes offers a compelling staking protocol with yields of up to 100% per year.

According to Wall Street Memes’ staking dashboard, nearly 200 million $WSM tokens have been staked already, showcasing the program’s growing popularity.

As noted in the project’s whitepaper, the total supply of $WSM is fixed at two billion tokens, with 50% being returned to the community and 20% used to provide CEX and DEX liquidity.

This setup has piqued the attention of the meme coin community, with Wall Street Memes’ team now gearing up to launch $WSM on “multiple” Tier-1 exchanges at the end of September.

However, prospective investors still have a narrow window to buy $WSM tokens before these listings for $0.0337 through the presale, which is now in its final stage.

Given the project’s growing community engagement and meme-style branding, Wall Street Memes looks primed for success in the coming months.

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Stake-to-Earn Sonik Coin Gains Traction Ahead of Uniswap Listing

Another altcoin worth watching is Sonik Coin ($SONIK), which aims to harness the popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog and translate it into viral growth.

Sonik Coin’s presale kicked off last week and has already raised over $415,000 – nearly 25% of the way towards its $2 million hard cap target.

Unlike most low-cap meme coins that launch with no utility, $SONIK offers an exciting staking model with yields of up to 163% per year.

Over 14.7 billion $SONIK tokens have already been staked from the 300 billion token supply, demonstrating strong early interest in the project.

Adding to Sonik Coin’s appeal is the fact that the project’s smart contract has undergone a rigorous audit from 0xGuard, providing a layer of trust and credibility to $SONIK.

$SONIK has even caught the eye of some well-known YouTubers, with Michael Wrubel, who has an audience of over 310,000 people, speculating that it could be the “next $1,000,000 meme crypto”.

All in all, with its unique branding and growing community, $SONIK is undoubtedly one to watch in the latter half of 2023.

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Web3-Focused Platform Launchpad XYZ Offers Limited-Time 20% Presale Bonus

Lastly, Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) is an ambitious new platform aiming to make the world of Web3 more accessible to the masses.

At its core is an array of trading tools designed to help users maximize profits, including an AI-powered assistant called “Apollo,” a proprietary ranking system called “Launchpad Quotient,” and even a dedicated trading group.

This group, called Launchpad Signals & News, has already delivered eight trade setups that have netted investors 1,000%+ returns – highlighting the potential effectiveness of the platform.

Looking ahead, Launchpad XYZ’s team plans to build a blockchain gaming hub, NFT gallery, token-swapping services, and various other valuable features.

Although still in its presale phase, Launchpad XYZ’s team has introduced a 20% token bonus for contributors, which applies to new buyers and those already invested in $LPX.

However, the 20% bonus is only temporary – it will drop 1% every seven days, rewarding those who show early faith in $LPX.

With Launchpad XYZ’s presale having now raised $1.3 million and $LPX tokens on offer for just $0.0445, the excitement is growing around this revolutionary Web3 project.

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