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Witness The Power Of Crypto Communities With Dogecoin, Caged Beasts, And Baby Doge Coin

Press Releases

Cryptocurrency moved from the niche corners of the internet into the mainstream relatively quickly. Now the most successful coins have dedicated crypto communities of users to support them, and no community is more dedicated than the community of a meme coin. Dogecoin’s (DOGE) community pushed it to its highest point several times since its launch, and Baby Doge Coin’s (BABYDOGE) community burned a whopping 100 quadrillion tokens in May to support their token. So, how does newcomer Caged Beasts (BEASTS) reward its community? With 20% USDT instantly and directly to their wallets. Read on to find out how you can get the same.

Baby Doge Coin And The Burn That Made History

In a remarkable move, Baby Doge Coin burned a staggering 100 quadrillion tokens worth approximately $200 million, in a single transaction on June 1st. This burn took place on both the Ethereum and BNB chains, significantly impacting the token’s supply. Although the burn did not immediately affect the coin’s price, it has suffered somewhat since then. Despite that, the Baby Doge Coin community continues to stand behind its token. This decision was proposed and voted on through Baby Doge Coin’s DAO, and it was carried out by sending the tokens to a dead wallet thus putting them out of circulation.

Dogecoin And The Twitter Effect

Dogecoin has seen immense support from its community over the years, including notable figures like Elon Musk. While Musk has introduced new functions on Twitter to enhance community engagement and content creation promising to add $DOGE as the official payment method on the platform, he has not yet followed through with that plan. Despite this, Dogecoin enthusiasts remain highly responsive to Musk’s tweets, interpreting them as hints related to the coin. The Dogecoin community, along with other crypto communities, eagerly expands and thrives on Twitter by leveraging the provided tools including the Subscription feature to create more content and support each other.

Caged Beasts And The Power Of Crypto Communities

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) is the latest contender in the world of meme coins, ready to shake up the market. With its ongoing presale, Caged Beasts is here to inject some fresh creativity and innovation into the meme coin industry with its unique art style that’s inspired by timeless science fiction and horror films.

One standout feature of Caged Beasts is its ingenious referral scheme, designed to foster a strong community and provide additional income to its users. Here’s how it works: Once you participate in the presale and acquire tokens, you can generate your own referral code to invite others to join the project, and when someone uses your code to make a purchase with a minimum spend of $50, you receive an instant reward of 20% of their USDT deposit. Additionally, the referred user receives a generous 20% bonus in extra tokens to welcome them into the community.

Crypto communities, including Caged Beasts, Baby Doge Coin, and Dogecoin, exemplify the power of shared wealth and trust in driving engagement and growth. Oftentimes, that community is the meme coin’s real asset, and that’s why it’s the focus of everything a meme coin project does. Caged Beasts’ innovative referral system empowers community members to invite others and receive rewards, fostering a robust and united community. To take advantage of that referral system or to learn more about the project, visit the Caged Beasts website and start earning 20% instant USDT today.

Caged Beasts: Join The Revolution!





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