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XRP Ledger and DigiToads Register Massive Ecosystem Growth in 2 Months

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Markets have revitalized following the influx of insertional interest, and on-chain analysis firms have been monitoring blockchains to find spikes in activity. Spikes in activity typically front-run price increases, and looking on-chain can help any investor get ahead of the market. Blockchains are by nature transparent- investors must leverage this trait.

Analysts have pointed to two economic hotspots drawing capital and users: XRP Ledger (XRP) and DigiToads (TOADS). Both have registered massive ecosystem growth in the past two months and present ideal candidates to outperform the market in the next six months. Let’s dive into these top altcoins.

DigiToads (TOADS) Surging Presale Demands Eclipses $6 Million

DigiToads has come to the attention of on-chain analysts due to its tremendous success in its presale, already raising more than $6 million. Is TOADS the next breakout blockchain ICO? A closer look at the whitepaper outlines what could be one of the top DeFi projects to launch this year.

The vision behind TOADS is straightforward and well executed: build a flywheel economy and prioritize holders. The DigiToads ecosystem, known as The Swamp, contains several innovative features designed to accumulate value and share it with community members.

The NFT staking mechanism has especially drawn attention, with owners of a DigiToads NFT entitled to earn passive income rewards paid out in $TOADS. Toad-Cade, a play-to-earn game, opens another earning angle for investors and indirectly funds an airdrop for all holders.

The native DEX generates revenue for the ecosystem and allows $TOADS holders to earn through liquidity provision. The Platinum Toads initiative ingrains an asset management element to the protocol by distributing treasury control to the most skilled on-chain traders.

All of these features come wrapped in a deflationary token thanks to the protocol’s taxation system burning 2% of transactions coming into and leaving The Swamp. Early presale participants have already seen 370% gains, and the current trajectory implies 450% gains by launch.

XRP (XRP) Ledger Surpasses 81 Million Transactions

XRP (XRP) has crossed a significant milestone, and millions of international settlements have now been settled on the XRP (XRP) Ledger. XRP (XRP) allows people to send cross-border transactions faster and at a lower cost basis than its largest TradFi rival, the SWIFT network.

XRP (XRP) processing 81 million transactions presents a tangible and impressive sign of adoption. Several analysts even speculated that the increased media attention that XRP (XRP) garnered due to its case against the SEC has driven this rise.

Concerning XRP’s (XRP) ongoing case, recent developments have damaged the SEC’s position, not to mention their optics. It has been going on since late 2020, and according to XRP (XRP) lawyers, an end is finally in sight. Analysts liked this news, and their price predictions remain bullish, forecasting an upper-range high target of $1.40 for $XRP next year.

Closing Thoughts: Ecosystem Growth a Precursor to Price Appreciation

Insutitonal investors flipping publicly bullish on crypto has understandably bolstered market sentiment and increased the importance of the next six months. Thousands of new DeFi projects and ERC20 coins vy for attention for investors, but only a select minority will become market leaders.

On-chain analysis and organic ecosystem growth let investors separate the wheat from the chaff, and these metrics heavily favor $TOADS and $XRP. DigiToads growth remains especially impressive given its far smaller market cap in comparison to XRP (XRP). Join the DigiToads presale today and discover the ROIs that made crypto famous.

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