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5 Best AR/VR Crypto Projects to Invest in for 2024

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Augmented and virtual reality is an emerging technology quietly making its way to the blockchain. However, with the sector still in its early stages, the opportunity for outsized gains is rife.

This article reviews the five best AR/VR cryptos to buy now. We consider use cases, tokenomics, price data, and more. 

Our analysis found that 5th Scape, Decentraland, Render, Ceek VR, and Metahero are the best projects to buy now. Let’s take a closer look at each below.

5th Scape

5th Scape is our top pick as the best VR token to invest in now. The project merges blockchain technology with VR for high-octane 3D gaming.

It will offer many different gaming experiences, delivering a unique, immersive feel. Its first venture is “Cage Conquest,” a mixed martial arts-themed game where the player embarks on a “champion’s journey” and can compete in multiplayer action.

Striving to become the future of gaming, 5th Scape invites users to step into the realm of heightened experiences, a far cry from current gaming products.

Besides its compelling use case, robust tokenomics is another driver behind 5th Scape’s potential.

Mainly, the project takes a novel approach to staking, offering staggering compounding opportunities alongside several other benefits. 

Stakers also get free lifetime access to 5th Scape, exclusive in-game advantages, and early access to new games and features.

The 5SCAPE token will also transfer value throughout the ecosystem, providing significant utility and demand potential.

Market participants will be pleased to know that 5th Scape is undergoing a presale, providing a chance to invest from the ground up.

The current price is $0.00187, but this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick in four days. With that in mind, those looking for the best price must not wait around.

Visit 5th Scape Presale


Decentraland is a prominent metaverse project with plans to venture into VR. Its prominence in the metaverse space provides a distinct advantage when it penetrates the VR market, with systems and a vast user base already in place.

Currently MANA is trading at $0.7506, up 0.03% today, 20.13% this week, 60.36% this month, but just 33.56% this year.

Rising just 33% this year indicates a timely buying opportunity, given that many other cryptos are up significantly more.

Currently, Decentraland holds a $1.4 billion market cap and a $170 million 24-hour trading volume.

It also remains 87% from its November 2021 ATH, presenting vast room for growth.

Decentraland provides a multi-player, open-world metaverse experience where users can customize their avatars, socialize, play games, and buy and sell real estate.

The project leaves the rest up to the user’s imagination, empowering them to develop their own world and build stadiums, hotels, museums, and much more. They can then monetize these assets by renting them out, selling them, or selling tickets to a virtual experience within them.

It is anticipated that Decentraland will implement VR headsets into the ecosystem in the future, enabling it to benefit from the upcoming crypto VR sector growth.


Render is a decentralized GPU rendering network, offering a pick-and-shovel play over the entire crypto VR sector. The project provides computation to render power-intensive graphics.

One of Render’s main use cases is rendering AR and VR graphics, meaning the RNDR price could benefit as the sector grows.

Currently, Render is trading at $11.47. It has seen substantial growth recently, pumping 2.56% today, 53.34% this week, 129.84% this month and 831.79% this year.

It holds a $4.3 billion market cap and a $391 million 24-hour trading volume.

Indeed, Render is a significant player in the emerging crypto-VR narrative. Still, its decentralized GPU network also opens it to the AI boom, making it a multi-faceted play that benefits from several trending narratives.

The reason behind its recent pump is that AI developers can tap into the network to train their AI models, offering a cost and resource-efficient alternative to self-hosting GPU power.

Given the recent boom of GPU manufacturer Nvidia on the stock market, Render has also seen significant success. However, Nvidia currently has a $2.3 trillion market cap, which illustrates this secot’s immeasurable potential.

Ceek VR

Ceek VR offers immersive streaming experiences. Users can watch concerts, sporting events, and much more.

It has a significantly lower market cap than Render or Decentraland, currently valued at $80 million. The CEEK token price is $0.09977, down 1.97% today but up 44.91% this week, 100.51% this month, and 9.32% this year.

The price remains down 91% from its ATH, presenting tremendous room for growth. It is currently not listed on many tier-one exchanges, meaning investors must venture to lesser-known platforms or buy via a DEX.

While this may be inconvenient, it also provides more upside potential should a leading exchange list it.

Ceek VR markets itself as “DeFi for Creators,” boasting that it “connects creators directly to their fans in the metaverse.”

Another promising factor about Ceek VR is its partnership with Universal Music, enabling it to host live performances with world-famous artists like Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Ziggy Marley, and more.

As per its website, the project has also partnered with T Mobile and Apple, and its patented 

VR headset is sold in retailers nation-wide. The headset costs just $99 and the device is compatible with most smartphones. 


Like Render, Metahero acts as an infrastructure play, providing 3D scanning technology so people can implement a life-like version of themselves into the metaverse.

Currently, HERO is trading at $0.006161, up 11.02% today, 59.09% this week, 110.78% this month, and 31.54% this year.

It holds a modest $31 million market cap, presenting significant room for growth. Meanwhile, its 24-hour trading volume is $2.9 million.

HERO is well-away from its ATH, currently trading at a 97.56% discount. This would usually cause concern, but its recent performance indicates that momentum is beginning to rise.

Users must visit an on-site location to access the scanning technology. Currently, Metahero has locations in Warsaw and Zurich, with plans to expand to Dubai, New York, London, and Tokyo.

Indeed, implementing real-life versions of people into the metaverse is amusing, but Metahero’s website presents tangible value propositions. Users could harness the technology for online shopping, trying on clothing from the comfort of their own homes. 

It could also be used for medical purposes, personalizing the healthcare process and enabling remote treatments.

Lastly, Metahero cites that users can “enter” games, becoming a part of the action rather than merely playing and observing.
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