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Why read Sponsored?

Sponsored content will always get your company and business in front of people in the places where they are already looking. At Finbold we command ever-growing traffic that is guaranteed to turn most of your leads into returning customers. We present your content to your target audience professionally and appealingly that guarantees success for your business.

Since your content holds important information and it seems appropriate for the context, we provide you with a platform to tell more people throughout the world what you do. We ensure that your sponsored content feels like a natural fit for our platform which entices more people to view the content.

We are committed to making your brand feel trustworthy and credible by placing your content alongside other things that our viewers enjoy. Thus, we guarantee value for all your investment with us. Our experts ensure that content complements user experience as opposed to disrupting it.

Through our different plans, we will guide you to get the best deal within your budget. Your success is our success. Our commitment to growing your brand is undivided since we are passionate about what we do.

At its core, sponsored content is quite simple. Two brands create a sponsored content partnership with the advertiser paying for the content and the influencer or publisher sharing it with their audience. This form of advertisement has been around for over a century and it started with soap operas.

Sponsored content on Finbold.com

In the 1920s, radio was king. But since then, technological advancements have ensured that sponsored content exists across many channels in many forms. Podcasts, social media, television spots, radio, and articles are popular choices in the modern content sponsorship world.

As the world moves, at Finbold we strive to stay ahead. We research and explore every available strategy to increase our traffic which means that more people will see your content when you sponsor it with us.

The digital landscape is evolving and sponsored content also keeps changing. New ways are coming up for consumers to interact with brands and sponsored content is expected to follow suit. But, due to the ever-changing digital terrain, most of the sponsored content on the internet is not complete or comprehensive. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your content is precise, elaborative, and complete.

All sponsored content is categorized as native advertising but not all native advertising can be considered to be sponsored content. The difference is the same as explaining that “all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares”. We are knowledgeable enough to ensure that we articulate your message to its intended audience.

Native advertising is a paid advertisement where the content matches the content of the media on which it features. Neither native nor sponsored content is disruptive. They all appear naturally on a web page. We assimilate the content into our design and ensure that it is consistent with the platform to make it more likely for viewers to click on it.

Sponsored content is not restricted to any format. We acknowledge that fact. Hence, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we come up with formats that will suit all your needs and specifications. Whether you have infographics, carousel ads, articles, listicles, podcasts, web stories, social media posts, photos, or videos, we got you covered.

Our social media presence is growing rapidly when you sponsor your content with us, we share it on all our social media platforms. Each of our social platforms has massive audiences of daily users. Therefore, we reach more people through social media which, in turn, brings more traffic to your business.

We will strive relentlessly to ensure that you realize a high return on your investment when you sponsor content with us.