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Percentage Calculator

Online percentage calculator tool allows you to easily calculate percentages.

What is Y% of X?

What is

X is what % of Y?

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Percentage proportion calculator

The Rule of Three Calculator uses the Mathematical Rule of Three, a method of having three numbers to help calculate the unknown, to solve proportions.


What is a percentage calculator? 

A percentage calculator is a free online tool used to calculate percentages automatically without manually doing it. For example, you can use it to determine a percentage increase or a percentage decrease in the value of two numbers.

A percentage calculator can be used to calculate the following: 

  • Percentage increase;
  • Percentage decrease; 
  • Percentage change (positive or negative);
  • Percentage difference;
  • To find out a percentage share.

Suppose calculating percentages on a regular calculator seems like a tedious task. In that case, Finbold’s free percent calculator allows you to simply calculate percentages automatically. Our simple percentage calculator is free, easily accessible, and gives you instantaneous results.

What is the percentage? 

The word percentage comes from the Latin word per centum or per cent, which, in direct translation, means “per hundred.” A percentage is a number or ratio that represents a fraction of 100 — a one-hundredth part of a hundred (1/100). 

For instance, 43% is equivalent to the decimal 0.43, or the fraction 43/100. Therefore, it is always denoted by the symbol “%” or simply as “percent” or “pct.”

Percentage calculation formula. Source:

How to calculate percentages?

If you want to manually calculate percentages on a calculator, you can use a simple formula: (value/total value)×100%. Alternatively, to save you some time and your stress levels, you can use Finbold’s quick, easy, and free percentage calculator that does it automatically for you. 

However, if you still need to do it manually, here’s how to calculate percentages on a calculator. 

  • To find the percentage share (e.g., what percentage is 4 out of 10), first, you have to divide the fraction value by the total value. Then, multiply it by 100 (100%) to make it a percentage format. 

For example, you need to know the percentage of 4 out of 10. First, divide 4 (the fraction value) by 10 (the total value): 4 / 10 = 0.4. Then, to make it a percentage, multiply 0.4 by 100: 0.4 * 100 = 40%.

  • If you want to calculate how much the percentage is in a number value (e.g., how much is 40% of 10), you must first divide the percentage (40%) by 100: 40 / 100 = 0.4. Then, you have to multiply it with the original number (10): 10 * 0.4 = 4 – your answer is 4. 

For example, you go shopping and see 30% off a $60 shirt deal. So you first make 30% a decimal number: 30 / 100 = 0.3. Then, multiply it by the original price – $60: 60 * 0.3 = $18 – and there’s your answer, you get $18 off the original price of $60. So the shirt will cost you $60 – $18 = $42. 

How to calculate percentages. Source: Math with Mr. J YouTube channel.

Why use a percentage calculator?

The main benefits of using a simple percentage calculator are that it helps you to save time, do your percentage calculations quickly, and get guaranteed accurate results. Finbold’s simple percentage calculator ensures that you calculate everything you want efficiently and accurately.

You come across percentages in daily life. For example, you can find percentages almost everywhere, whether it is discounted while shopping, calculating sales tax from total, calculating VAT, finding income tax percentage, or even calculating your body fat percentage. Moreover, you can find percentages in finance and statistics. 

Use cases of a percentage calculator: 

  • Calculate sales tax percentage from total;
  • Income percentage calculator;
  • Percentage discount calculator; 
  • Calculate body fat percentage;
  • Other statistics and in finance, e.g. crypto tax
  • Trading and investing.  

How does a percentage change calculator work? 

Although percentage formulas can be written in various forms, they are normally algebraic equations that involve three values:  

P × V1 = V2

P is the percentage. V1 is the first value that the percentage will modify, while V2 is the result of the percentage operation on V1. Our simple percentage calculator automatically converts the input percentage into a decimal to compute the given solution. Nonetheless, if solving for the percentage, the value that is returned is the actual percentage and not it’s decimal representation.

If you are solving manually, the formula needs the percentage in decimal form, which means that the solution needs to be multiplied by 100 to convert it to a percentage. That is what our calculator does, and it accepts inputs in percent and decimal form.

What is a percentage proportion calculator?

We understand that there are instances where you need to determine the proportion of a number compared to another. Our percentage proportion calculator enables you to check the X value that you wish to calculate. The results appear automatically once you fill in at least three known values. 

Percent proportion is described as the share that one number is in proportion to another expressed as a percentage. Here we help you calculate what one number is in proportion to another one. Enter these two numbers to calculate the percentage proportion between them.

FAQ about percentage calculator

What is the Percentage Calculator?

A percentage calculator is a free online tool used to calculate percentages and determine the percentage increase or decrease in the value of two numbers. It helps you avoid manual work and do your percentage calculations quickly, with accurate results, eliminating any errors that might occur in the manual process.

Why use a Percentage Calculator?

Whenever you want to determine a specific percentage of another number or even a number equation, the percentage calculator will help you avoid calculating percentages on a calculator manually. With a percentage calculator, you can get guaranteed accurate results fast and avoid making mistakes in your calculations. 

What can I calculate with a Percentage Calculator?

This free percentage calculator tool computes many values in various fields. It is applicable in calculating computations in physics, chemistry, sales, tax and inflation rates, finance, discounts when shopping, cryptocurrency, and many other diverse areas of mathematics. Any number can be determined as a percentage of the other when using this tool.

How Percentage Calculator works and can it be trusted?

A percentage calculator automatically converts the input percentage into a decimal to compute the given solution. Provide any two values and click the ‘calculate’ button to get the third value. The value returned is the real percentage, not its decimal representation. As a result, we can ensure that the percentage calculator is highly responsive and 100% accurate.

How to calculate the percentage of a number?

You can calculate a percentage on a calculator with a simple formula: (value/total value) × 100%. Essentially, divide the fraction value by the total value, then multiply by 100 to make it a percentage format. However, if you wish to avoid that, use Finbold’s free percentage calculator, which does it automatically, thus saving your time and stress levels.