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5 Meme Coins to Buy for the Next Crypto Bull Run

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The crypto market is swiftly recuperating after devastating losses, but no category is drawing more excitement than meme coins.

A buzz is brewing on social media with anticipation that meme coins will once again lead the crypto bull market rally. 

Therefore, this article provides the five meme coins to buy.


WienerAI is a presale meme coin with a twist.

Behind its sausage dog exterior, WienerAI’s true value is an AI-powered trading bot.

It’s a revolutionary use case merging crypto’s technological and cultural frontiers.

You only need to look as far as CoinMarketCap’s top gainers today to understand WienerAI’s power.

The highest gainer is AI project Akash Network, up 18% today. Meme coin Dogwifhat is second, also up 18%.

It’s an exciting juncture for WienerAI, so you might be wondering how exactly the project works.

Think of it like ChatGPT for trading. Users can ask it questions, and it will search the market for the best trading opportunities.

Then, they can seamlessly execute the trades through the bot’s interface, which is reportedly MEV-resistant, fee-free, and instant.

With technological prowess complementing its memetic undertones, there’s every chance WienerAI could explode after its presale.

Investors can buy WienerAI for $0.000725, but this price will rise throughout the ICO.


Popcat is a Solana-based meme coin with a cat mascot.

While dog-themed meta reigned supreme until recently, meme coin degens have started looking further afield, and the cat tokens have been a big winner.

Popcat is the third-largest cat-themed meme coin, following Mog and MEW. However, it has enjoyed a massive recovery today, up 32%.

This represents a stronger bounce than most of its peers, indicating that it has captured investors attention.

Popcat’s relative strength could translate into long-term top gains as the crypto bull run emerges.

The project is currently trading at $0.5093, up 32% today, down 17% this week, and up 6% this month.

Its market cap is $499 million, and its 24-hour trading volume is $89 million. As such, it is the 207th largest cryptocurrency and the 86th most traded. 

This market cap-to-volume ratio is another indication of the market’s interest, potentially paving the way for continued growth.

Pepe Unchained

As evidenced by the third-largest meme coin, Pepe, meme coin traders are also interested in frog-themed tokens this cycle.

In 2024, Pepe significantly outpaced OG meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, but its newly launched cousin, Pepe Unchained, is vying for even more gains.

There’s no doubt that Pepe’s Unchained relation to Pepe can cause a stir, but the project’s underlying utility is the real game-changer.

Pepe Unchained will be the first Pepe-themed token to have its own Ethereum layer 2 blockchain.

It will be 100x faster and magnitudes cheaper than the mainnet, and its first call-of-order is housing meme coins.

That’s an exciting outlook for meme coin fans, and they can currently buy $PEPU in its preliminary stages.

The project is in its presale and has raised $2.4 million so far.

Traders can purchase Pepe Unchained for 0.0082927, but this price will rise in one day.

Non-Playable Coin

For those seeking a unique alternative in the meme coin jungle, Non-Playable Coin could be a solid choice.

It’s a meme coin on the Ethereum and Base networks and one of the top non-animal-themed projects.

Non-Playable Coin is based on the popular “non-playable character” meme, which was popularised in 2018 and still circulates the internet and crypto communities today.

NPC had a total supply equal to the global population on its launch day – 8,050,126,520 tokens.

This is part of its marketing motto of being a “meme for every human on Earth.”

The project also has a slogan that fits its memetic inspirations: “I support the current coin.”

Currently, NPC is trading at $0.01825, up 13% today, down 12% this week, and up 13% this week.

It has a $125 million market cap and a $3.6 million 24-hour trading volume. Although its trading volume is low, this is because it has yet to list on any prominent centralized exchanges.

However, future listings would provide a considerable boost to its price potential.


The last meme coin to buy for the next bull run is Mog. It’s currently the largest cat-themed meme coin by market cap.

Mog is also an Etherum-based meme coin. This could prove instrumental with Ethereum spot ETFs launching soon and the ecosystem’s liquidity expected to ramp up.

The project recently secured a listing on KuCoin. However, due to the crypto market’s turmoil, it did not receive the boon that some other meme coins enjoyed from tier 1 exchange listings.

This could mean a bullish repricing occurs as the bull run commences, with Mog now open to a wider audience.

Mog is currently trading at $0.000001403, up 10% today, down 26% this week, and down 6% this month. It has a $505 million market cap and a $41 million 24-hour trading volume.


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