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5 New Meme Coins That Could Explode Next

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Meme coins are surging this week after consolidating for much of June. Trading volume is up, and traders are on the hunt for the next explosive meme coin that can deliver 10x returns or more.

We’ve found 5 new meme coins that could be setting up for massive pumps. We’ll take a closer look and explain why we think these tokens have market-beating potential.

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is a new Ethereum Layer-2 built around the ultra-popular Pepe meme. It’s creating a Pepe-themed ecosystem where users can trade $PEPU tokens and instantly bridge tokens to and from Ethereum.

The advantage to Pepe Unchained’s network is that it’s 100x faster than Ethereum and offers transaction fees that are a fraction of the price. At the same time, the network remains secured by Ethereum’s robust proof-of-stake validation system.

Pepe Unchained’s $PEPU token is on presale now, and traders have already bought more than $700,000 worth of coins in the first week of the ICO. The original $PEPE token is up more than 15% in the last 24 hours, so the market conditions for the Pepe Unchained presale could hardly be better.

Plus, early investors in $PEPU can stake their tokens to earn 2,990% APY. That’s a great way to fill bags ahead of this meme coin’s launch.

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PlayDoge is a meme coin and play-to-earn game that’s getting a ton of attention from meme coin traders and crypto analysts alike. Its presale has raised more than $5 million in less than a month, making it one of the most successful new meme coins of the year.

PlayDoge is building a play-to-earn crypto game similar to the 90s-era hit game Tamagotchi. In PlayDoge, players will take care of a virtual doge companion and bring their doge on side adventures inspired by classic video games. The better care players take of their doge, the more $PLAY tokens they’ll earn.

Importantly, players need $PLAY tokens in order to qualify for rewards. That’s boosted demand for $PLAY during the presale since it’s available at a discount to the planned launch price. In addition, PlayDoge presale investors can earn 131% APY for staking their $PLAY tokens.

This meme coin launch promises to be huge, and it could draw in gamers who don’t normally dabble in meme tokens. PlayDoge also has long-term potential since its game could reach hundreds of millions of players worldwide after launch.

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Base Dawgz

Base Dawgz is a new cross-chain meme coin launching simultaneously on Base, Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. It has enormous potential in part because it can reach traders on all of these networks, rather than appealing only to traders on Ethereum or only on Solana.

The project could also be crucial for blockchain interoperability in the future. The $DAWGZ token has the ability to ‘base jump’ seamlessly between blockchains with low gas fees. So, it makes it incredibly easy for $DAWGZ token holders to chase the next big meme coin no matter what blockchain it launches on.

$DAWGZ is currently available to buy on presale, and the Base Dawgz team had an ingenious idea for how to promote the token. It deputized early investors as ambassadors, rewarding them with extra $DAWGZ tokens every time they re-share a post from the Base Dawgz X account.

That’s helped news about Base Dawgz spread like wildfire within the meme coin community. The $DAWGZ presale has raised $2.1 million in just a few weeks and it looks increasingly likely to sell out ahead of schedule, leaving lots of pent-up demand for the token’s launch.

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WienerAI is an Ethereum meme coin with an exciting twist: it’s building an AI-powered crypto trading bot to help $WAI token holders find the biggest profits in the crypto market.

The trading bot will offer both crypto signals and automated trading, plus recommend token swaps to help traders get the best prices for the trades it offers. WienerAI is also building its own fee-free swap, which could increase traders’ profits even more.

WienerAI released a preview of its trading bot to praise from its community, and it looks well on its way to delivering a ready-to-use product. At the same time, the $WAI presale has raised more than $6.4 million, indicating just how excited crypto traders are about this new meme coin.

The presale is now running ahead of schedule, a good sign that it will sell out and leave plenty of demand for $WAI tokens at launch. Traders who get in right now can stake their tokens to earn 179% APY, a generous return to fill their wallets with $WAI ahead of the potentially explosive listing.

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The Resistance Cat

The Resistance Cat is a new meme coin that launched on the TON blockchain just 10 days ago and has already rocketed to a $6.4 million market cap. It’s up nearly 30% since launch and has strong momentum to keep the pricing moving upward.

The Resistance Cat’s $RECA token has huge potential because of its home on TON. This blockchain is backed by Telegram, giving it access to the messaging app’s 800 million users to build hype around meme coins like $RECA. It’s also a growing hub for meme coins, competing with networks like Base and Avalanche to carry the torch of the meme frenzy if activity on Solana cools down.

The Resistance Cat could attract cat lovers, who don’t currently have many iconic meme coins to crowd into. It’s also building a trading bot and tap-to-earn game on TON, which could help bring even more traders into $RECA.


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