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6 New Cryptocurrencies With 10X Potential

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Despite many major cryptocurrencies experiencing a lull at present, several new coins with high potential are emerging 

Let’s take a look at 6 new tokens that could provide significant gains this year. 


PlayDoge is our top pick of new cryptocurrencies to buy now. Wedged between the high-octane meme coin and Play-to-Earn (P2E) sectors, PlayDoge has a tremendously viral use case that is proving popular among investors.

The token is currently undergoing a presale where it has raised $4.5 million in under three weeks. 

But it’s no surprise because, alongside its meme coin-P2E utility, PlayDoge is inspired by the hit 1990s Tamagotchi game, providing an added nostalgic allure.

In a similar fashion to Tamagotchi, PlayDoge users will be responsible for their pet companion, ensuring it is fed, rested, and entertained.

However, PlayDoge is upping the stakes with real crypto rewards.

Users will climb the platform’s leaderboard by caring for their pets and completing minigames. The higher they go, the more they earn.

But the kicker is that they must hold $PLAY to receive rewards, aligning the token’s demand with the platform’s popularity – and we shouldn’t overlook the hype-driven demand from PlayDoge’s meme coin allure.

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As crypto popularity grows, the market’s appetite for meme coins is also rising.

The newly launched WienerAI serves this growing demand while also implementing a new cutting-edge AI tool.

Although its exterior is a dog-themed meme coin, WienerAI’s main use case is an AI-enhanced trading bot that helps make users better traders.

They can ask the bot questions, and it will scour the market for the best trading opportunities.

Once pleased with the results, users can execute trades automatically from the bot interface.

Per the project’s website, trade execution is instant, MEV-resistant, noob-friendly, and fee-free.

By dialing up its users’ trading abilities and providing a huge bump to the on-chain trading experience, WienerAI is certain to draw a crowd. And similar to PlayDoge, its meme coin allure will only strengthen its appeal.

The project is currently in its presale stage and has raised a whopping $5.8 million. 

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While PlayDoge and WienerAI apply the meme coin virality to utility coins, Sealana follows the legacy meme coin blueprint set by pioneers like Dogecoin, Pepe, and Dogwifhat.

It has fared a massive hit, raising over $4 million in its presale. In response, Sealana’s team recently announced the ICO will end on 25 June, leaving just nine days to buy before $SEAL hits the open market.

Sealana’s website explains the backstory of an overweight seal who trades meme coins from his mom’s basement, living off canned tuna and chips with hopes of one day making considerable wealth and buying a Lambo.

The project also has a hilarious social media meme game littered with foul-mouthed South Park references and even occasional MAGA escapades.

As its name suggests, Sealana is primarily available on the Solana network, although the team recently launched the presale on Ethereum.

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Base Dawgz

Base, the native blockchain of Coinbase, has enjoyed huge success lately.

This is illustrated by its leading meme coin, Brett, which has surged to a $1.5 billion dollar market cap and has recently outpaced all other major meme coins.

But many other Base tokens are also gaining pace, and one of the most promising is Base Dawgz.

The project is currently in its presale phase, enabling prospective investors to buy in from the ground floor.

It has raised an impressive $1.4 million in two weeks, with a unique narrative fueling its success.

In addition to launching on Base chain, Base Dawgz has leveraged multichain technology for availability on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche.

This amplifies its growth potential, but the team did not stop there. It also launched a “refer-and-earn” scheme to help expedite the project’s adoption.

What’s more, a staking mechanism is also in the project’s plans, which will help minimize token sell pressure while providing an extra demand stream.

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99Bitcoins Token

99Bitcoins is a prominent crypto media outlet that launched in 2013.

Its notoriety has reached meteoric heights, with over 700K YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million email subscribers.

However, the outfit wants to extend its trailblazing position through a Learn-to-Earn layer and accompanying 99Bitcoins token.

The token will grant access to the Learn-to-Earn platform, which rewards users for learning about cryptocurrency.

This feature will provide engaging, immersive, and gamified learning that could bolster crypto’s mass adoption. It’s a significant improvement on the industry’s current offerings, therefore establishing a new gold standard in crypto education. 

$99BTC holders also get access to crypto trading signals, a VIP community group, staking rewards, and more.

99Bitcoins token is currently undergoing a presale where it has raised $2.1 million so far. The current price is $0.00190, but this will rise in one day.

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Mega Dice Token

Mega Dice token is another new cryptocurrency launched by a leading industry body.

Mega Dice is a prominent crypto casino that boasts over 50k players who wager $50 million monthly.

The new token will reward existing players while attracting new ones to its ecosystem. It’s part of a new gamification layer and will provide a slew of exciting utilities.

Mainly, holders receive daily rewards based on the casino’s success. This creates tokenized exposure to the highly lucrative crypto-gambling domain. 

Other benefits include early bird bonuses, limited edition NFTs, and a referral scheme.

Given Mega Dice’s well-established footing in crypto gambling, coupled with the $DICE token’s utility, it is no surprise that the project is off to an explosive start.

The token is currently in its presale phase and has raised $1.4 million. Currently, the presale price is $0.075, but this will rise when 28 million tokens are sold. Currently, that figure is at 21 million.

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