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7 Best Meme Coins to Buy This July

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Meme coins represent 2% of the collective crypto market, with a market cap of almost $50 billion. Their potential for explosive growth has proven itself time and time again over the past month.

With Bitcoin and the overall crypto market slowing down over recent weeks, investors are turning to meme coins with high growth potential. 

Here are seven tokens that could see big gains this July.

PlayDoge (PLAY)

A creative P2E  token merging the nostalgic appeal of Tamagochis with the modern doge craze, PlayDoge is the hit of the summer. The token launches alongside the titular P2E game that will have players playing with and taking care of their cute, 8-bit doge pet.

The memetic appeal of doges is hard to overstate, with eight out of the top ten most popular meme coins being doge-based according to CoinMarketCap data. PlayDoge combines this with engaging utility, as the token is used in almost all facets of the P2E game.

PlayDoge’s presale has already surpassed $5 million, the token’s current price of $0.00514 is likely the lowest we’ll ever see it go. With the next price increase closing in, investors are flocking to catch the tail end of PlayDoge’s presale.

With the coin trending on X(Twitter) and a strong community presence, PlayDoge is perfectly positioned to 10x over the coming weeks.

Based Brett (BRETT)

Based Brett is a meme coin based on Brett from Matt Furie’s Boys’ Club, and is the official mascot of the BASE chain. Officially a friend of PEPE, the 3rd most popular meme coin, Brett has already captured a big chunk of the meme coin space.

As the utility token of the BASE chain, BRETT’s valuation benefits from the growing list of almost 130 dApps running on it. On top of this, BRETT has a strong and numerous community that holds 85% of the total tokens.

June has been a time of explosive growth for BRETT. With an overall gain of 68.14% over the month, and being in the top 4 biggest gainers on a dozen different days. The coin is currently trading at $0.16 per token, with many experts speculating it’ll break its current all-time high of $0.193 in July. With 20.08% growth over the past week, BRETT’s growth is unstoppable.

Pepe Unchained (PEPU)

Pepe Unchained is a Pepe-themed meme coin looking to take the crypto world by storm. It introduces a brand new layer 2 blockchain designed specifically for meme coins. Placing a high premium on traditional crypto values, PEPU has passed a security audit by SolidProof.

Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, this new framework for meme coin development aims to provide up to 100x faster transactions with lower fees compared to traditional Ethereum environments.

With over 1.5 million raised in the presale so far, PEPE costs $0.0081939 per coin. With 1105% P/A and 30% of the total 8 billion tokens reserved for staking, PEPU is almost at its next price increase, so investors will need to move fast to get their cut of the pie.

Experts across the industry are confident Pepe Unchained is heavily undervalued in its presale, and stands to gain big upon its public release.

Dogwifhat (WIF)

Dogwifhat (WIF) is yet another doge-based meme coin running on the ever-growing Solana blockchain. It is a perfect example of the impact creativity and simplicity can have on a token’s value, with the team behind it describing WIF as “literally just a dog wif a hat.”

While WIF has no utility to speak of, that hasn’t stopped its massive community from making it the fourth biggest meme coin by market capitalization.

WIF is quite pricy compared to most meme coins, sitting at $2.27 per token. The token has had a rough month in June, dropping 33.64%.

The community has rallied against this in the last week, growing the token’s value by 35.94%. WIF’s memetic value is high enough that even if it doesn’t break its all-time high of $4.83, it’s still likely to grow by a significant margin.

WienerAI (WAI)

Wiener AI continues the trend of dog-themed meme coins posting big wins. This AI trading bot aims to improve crypto adoption, help traders find promising tokens, and make trading easier for everyone.

Wiener compares positively to competing trading bots like FLOKI’s. By taking zero fees, Wiener ensures traders get to keep 100% of their profits. On top of this, it provides protection against MEV bots and an easy-to-use UI for its AI interface.

Another presale hit, Wiener AI has amassed almost $7 million, with more than 2 days left on its presale. Valued at just $0.000724, Wiener AI has almost crossed its next price increase target, making this the perfect time to invest. 

With almost 15,000 X(Twitter) followers, WienerAI’s community is strong and primed for launch. The trifecta of AI, a canine mascot, and high utility makes Wiener AI one of the most promising meme coins available today.

Pepe (PEPE)

As one of the first widely-recognized memes, Pepe was bound for success from the moment it launched. Regarded as the most memeable coin on the Ethereum network, PEPE has no intrinsic utility, with pure hype backing its price.

As the third biggest meme coin, PEPE has grown 7,000% since its launch in late April of 2023. This meteoric rise has led it to become the 23rd biggest cryptocurrency in the world. And while its friend BRETT might have more room for explosive growth, PEPE is among the best meme coins looking at consistency.

Due to the massive number of total tokens available, PEPE currently trades at $0.0000114 per token. This isn’t a far cry off from its all-time high of $0.00001717, and PEPE has been steadily growing over the past week, while 8.5% growth isn’t too high, it might be just what PEPE needed to start a trend.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Continuing the trend of doge-based meme coins, Base Dawgz is a multi-chain token traded on BASE, ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX. With a very balanced token distribution and a successful security audit, Base Dawgz shows it’s in it for the long haul.

With over $2 million raised in its presale, Base Dawgz might not have the same hype as WienerAI or the like, but its tokenomics are extremely solid. With 20% assigned to both liquidity and staking, the coin has long-term growth potential.

Trading at $0.00553 per coin, DAWGZ has another innovation up its sleeve- share to earn. This turns social media sharing and engagement into DAWGZ tokens for its community.

While DAWGZ’s highest potential is in the long term, coins focused on the long run tend to explode with their listing. Out of these, Base Dawgz has some of the best fundamentals, a lot of hype behind it, and an adorable mascot to ensure its July boom.


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