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8 Best Crypto to Buy That Could Explode This July

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Summer is in full swing in the crypto market, and historically that’s meant a slight decline in major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum while emerging tokens post explosive gains. There’s a lot of opportunity in the market right now for traders who hold off on summer vacation.

We’re tracking 8 tokens that we think could deliver 10x returns or more this summer. We’ll explain what they are and why we think they’re worth buying today.


PlayDoge is one of the hottest new meme coin presales, raising more than $5.2 million within just a few weeks of going live. This token has been signaled by numerous analysts as the next crypto to explode and traders can’t seem to get into the $PLAY token presale fast enough.

PlayDoge is building a play-to-earn crypto game loosely based on Tamagotchi, the 90s-era companion pet game that sold more than 82 million devices. In PlayDoge, players earn $PLAY tokens for taking care of a virtual doge companion. They can earn extra $PLAY for participating in classic video game-inspired side adventures.

The PlayDoge game will launch on iOS and Android, so it has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of users globally. Players need $PLAY tokens to start earning in the game, which has created a rush of demand to buy $PLAY at its current discounted presale price.

As an added bonus, presale investors can fill their bags with $PLAY ahead of the token’s launch thanks to 121% APY staking rewards. Don’t miss this chance to join the PlayDoge presale today and buy $PLAY before it rockets higher.


Froglic is a new meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain with a fun, engaging spin on the ultra-popular Pepe meme. Its mascot is wearing a pink hood and has a wet, sloppy tongue to lick up everything in its path. It was created by Matt Furie, the same designer who created the original Pepe the Frog cartoon.

Froglic has delivered the most explosive gain of any meme coin in the past month, rocketing more than 43,000% in the first 24 hours after the token’s launch. The token is up to a market cap of $3.3 million, but it still has plenty of headroom to run another 100x higher before reaching the heights of the top meme coins.

This token is especially attractive because of its tokenomics. There are no taxes on buys or sells, making it easy to trade the $FROGLIC token. In addition, the project’s liquidity is fully locked and the team behind Froglic has renounced ownership over its smart contract.


Crypto DeFi platform Aave was one of the biggest winners in the last crypto bull run, offering lending services across the crypto ecosystem. However, it suffered significantly during the crypto winter and its $AAVE token is now trading 85% below its all-time high.

The time could be ripe for $AAVE to make a resurgence. The crypto market has firmly established itself as part of the financial landscape now that Bitcoin ETFs have arrived. Meme coins have edged out DeFi for much of the bull run so far, but that could change this summer.

$AAVE is starting to gain momentum. The token is up 11% in the past week with over $100 million in trading volume. Look for this token to continue to climb as crypto investors flock back into DeFi and rely on Aave’s lending services to make more bets across more blockchains in the coming months.

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is another exciting new meme coin with a ton of utility behind it. The project is building an Ethereum Layer-2 network around the Pepe theme, creating a potential new hub for meme coin development in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Pepe Unchained Layer-2 will operate 100x faster than the Ethereum mainnet and charge a fraction of the transaction fees. At the same time, Pepe Unchained will still benefit from the reliability of Ethereum’s security model.

In addition, Pepe Unchained plans to offer staking, giving investors in its $PEPU token a way to earn from the network. During the Pepe Unchained presale, early investors can stake their $PEPU and earn 1,605% APY rewards.

The Pepe Unchained presale has been off to an incredibly hot start, raising more than $1 million in its first week. This meme coin looks set to deliver explosive returns, so don’t miss this opportunity to buy $PEPU at a steep discount.


Monero is another established, large-cap crypto token that could deliver surprisingly large gains in July. The token has been steadily recovering from being delisted from Binance earlier this year and has an impressive amount of momentum behind it.

In the past month alone, $XMR has gained nearly 18% and trading volume was over $100 million per day for much of June. While the token has a $3 billion market cap, a gain of 5x isn’t out of the realm of possibility. 

$XMR could also benefit from broader trends in privacy. It’s getting increasingly difficult to remain anonymous in the crypto ecosystem, so more and more crypto users could switch to Monero to protect their privacy. While the token faces long-term regulatory pressure, in the short to medium-term it’s an appealing investment for anyone who thinks financial privacy has value.

Big Bud

Big Bud is a newly launched meme coin that’s generating a lot of buzz. In its first 24 hours after launching, the $BUD token exploded more than 20,000%.

Big Bud is based on a stoner character in a comic by Matt Furie, the same artist who created Pepe and Froglic. There’s clearly a lot of demand around Furie’s designs, which could encourage more meme coin traders to pile into the $BUD token and keep the momentum going.

$BUD now has a market cap approaching $1 million, but it’s still an extremely new project with only a few hundred token holders. There’s a lot of room for $BUD to post another 20,000% gain or more—and it still wouldn’t crack the top 10 meme coins by market cap. If the momentum continues, the payoff for early $BUD investors could be huge.

Base Dawgz

Base Dawgz is a new meme coin built on Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer-2, Base. It’s seen an early surge of demand during its $DAWGZ token presale, raising more than $2.2 million in just a few short weeks.

Base Dawgz is unique because it’s more than just a Base meme coin. The $DAWGZ token is simultaneously launching on Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche, and it will be seamlessly cross-compatible between these networks. That could be huge for traders, who frequently need to move tokens between chains in order to take advantage of market opportunities.

The $DAWGZ token has also gotten an injection of hype from its own investors, who are being incentivized to share content from the Base Dawgz social accounts. The more content presale investors share, the more $DAWGZ they’ll earn in an airdrop at the end of the presale.

Base Dawgz has the potential to become an indispensable token for cross-chain interoperability, and analysts widely expect it’ll shoot up after launch. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy $DAWGZ before it takes flight.


Flappy is another new meme coin that just launched on Base and is looking to replicate the explosive growth of $BRETT, now the 7th-largest meme coin by market cap. $FLAPPY is up nearly 7,000% in its first 24 hours of trading.

However, the market cap of this token remains extremely small. It’s valued at only $128,000 and has trading volume of just $625,000. That means it won’t take much movement for $FLAPPY to deliver a massive gain—or loss. Traders should consider this a high-risk, high-reward token, even by the standards of meme coins.

Flappy is now the #2 hot token on DEXTools. It has no buy or sell tax and a fully burned liquidity pool, and the team behind the project has renounced ownership over the smart contract. This is a token to watch for traders willing to take on a bit more risk.


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