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Finance in Bold (Finbold.com) – Anything you want to learn about the finance world, we have it all. We provide you with in-depth market analysis to help keep your finances in check. We cover stories about stocks, finance, startups, cybersecurity, technology, cryptocurrencies, regulations, banking, and more.

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The content on Finbold.com examines the financial performance and trends of various business sectors. Our editorial mission is to craft unbiased and professional finance-related and data-driven content to enable readers to make informed decisions.

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Finbold provides only verified, factual information and data researches daily. Every content piece is carefully fact-checked by the author and at least one other colleague to avoid misinformation. Once the content passes the internal QA process, it goes to one of our editors to be finalized and published.

Our data-based stories have been quoted by some of the largest websites globally, such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq.com, Forbes, Seeking Alpha, Coindesk, Bitcoin.com, Cointelegraph, South China Morning Post, CGTN.com, Verdict, Yahoo.com, Msn.com, Teslarati, Apple Insider, Mashable.com, and many others.

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Editorial Team

Oliver Scott

Oliver is a revolutionist in the sense that he embraces change as it comes. He is passionate about blockchain, digital assets, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and all evolving technologies. At Finbold.com Oliver covers data-driven stories and researches that reveal meaningful insights for the reader.

Oliver Scott

Samuel is a professional finance copywriter with years of experience. He has created propositions, pitch decks, white papers, and content for over 100 respectable firms, startups, businesses, and institutions globally. At Finbold.com he covers deep-dive reviews of the various financial companies.

Oliver Scott

Vladislav Ginko is a former vice-rector of Moscow-based Jewish University. He worked as a Corporate Finance lecturer at New York-based Touro University. Currently, he is an analyst and lecturer at Russia’s leading state think-tank, Presidential Academy.

Oliver Scott

Martin has been writing on cyber security and infotech for two decades. He has previous trading experience and has been covering the blockchain and crypto industry since 2017. He has previously contributed to Asia Times, Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, Cryptoinsider, Beincrypto, and Micky.

Oliver Scott

A nerd of various stripes with affinity for paradox and trans-disciplinary intersections. Particularly interested in the potential, institutional functions and what may be technically possible in the context of shared ledger peer-to-peer crypto-networks that coordinate around common protocols towards shared goals.

Oliver Scott

Siraj is a finance writer based in Saudi Arabia with a strong understanding of and passion for the stock market, cryptocurrency, economics, and finance. He has worked for international clients for many years on several projects related to the stock market, equity research, accounting, and finance. Siraj is a published financial analyst on some of the largest finance websites.

Oliver Scott

Rhodilee Jean Dolor is an experienced journalist covering finance, business, digital assets news. She aims to bring accurate and verified information to Finbold readers daily.

Oliver Scott

Aditya Raghunath is a financial journalist who covers business, public equities, and personal finance stories on Finbold. His articles have been published on several recognized finance outlets in the U.S. and Canada, including The Motley Fool, Entrepreneur, Market Realist, and others. With a post-graduate degree in finance, Aditya has close to nine years of work experience in financial services and close to seven years in producing financial content. Aditya’s area of expertise includes evaluating stocks in the tech and cannabis sectors. If you consider investing in the stock market, he recommends reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham before taking the plunge.

Oliver Scott

A lecturer, writer, and editor, and with a passion for social justice and inclusion, Seán's focus is on business, education, media, politics, and society in general.

Oliver Scott

Ponvang is an experienced writer who covers stories on digital assets and finance daily. He is fascinated by blockchain technology and how it is shaping finance in the emerging global economy.

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This website is owned and operated by Finodes Ltd. The company is registered in England, King Arthurs Court Maidstone Road, Charing, Ashford, Kent, England, TN27 0JS.

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