Americans perform over 1,000 skeptical online searches on 5G daily

Americans perform over 1,000 skeptical online searches on 5G daily
5 months ago
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5G technology is one of the pinnacle new technologies that is set to revolutionize everyday life. Driven by its core benefit of super-fast low latency internet, 5G has the strong potential to unlock the full capabilities of other advanced technologies like augmented reality and the Internet of things (IoT). Despite these positive credentials, many are still cynical about 5G.

Interested in technology trends, Prolifics Testing utilized online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which countries in the world are most skeptical about 5G based on their online searches about 5G.

Prolifics Testing classified and grouped consistently recurring Google searches by individuals on 5G such as ‘is 5G dangerous?’, ‘is 5G safe?’, ‘is 5G harmful?’, ‘does 5G pose health risks?’ and ‘does 5G cause/spread coronavirus (Covid-19)?’ as skeptical online searches about 5G.

The company found that that the United States is in the number one spot as Americans are the most hesitant about the emerging technology, with an astonishing 374,700 skeptical online searches regarding 5G each month – the equivalent of 1,027 skeptical online searches per day.

The United Kingdom ranks second, where there are 93,400 online searches a month by Brits doubting and questioning various aspects of 5G.

Australia is in third place, as there is an average of 32,970 dubious online queries about 5G per month by worried Australians.

Canada (22,680) and Poland (20,510) are among the other countries in the world where there are more than 20,000 tentative online searches about 5G every month, respectively ranking fourth and fifth.

Interestingly in Africa, there are 13,780 online searches a month by South Africans (eighth place) and 6,850 online searches a month by Nigerians (thirteenth place) concerning the possible negative implications of 5G technology.

At the other end in 20th place is Denmark, where there is an average of 1,410 skeptical online searches by Danes relating to 5G each month.

155 countries from across six continents were individually assessed for skeptical online searches about 5G research. The online search volume data used for each respective country in the research represents average monthly online searches.

According to the researchers, when analyzing the data, each of the most common skeptical online searches regarding 5G were assessed in English and each country’s respective primary language (where applicable) to increase the reliability of results.

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