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Analysts Predicting Litecoin Price To Hit $80 As Polygon Price Nears $0.60, LTC and MATIC Holders Are Hedging Bets With Rollblock (RBLK)


With the current fluctuations in the altcoin market, analysts are predicting Litecoin (LTC) to hit $80 following its heightened adoption and trader interest. In the same vein, Polygon (MATIC) is poised to beat all odds and hit the $0.60 mark before the start of the bull run. Despite this, LTC and MATIC holders are hedging bets with Rollblock (RBLK), the latest cryptocurrency to go viral making waves with its presale success. 

Analysts Optimistic as Rollblock (RBLK) Nears $1M in Presale Revenue

As its presale continues to gain traction, Rollblock (RBLK)’s rise to the top of the cryptocurrency ranks is almost inevitable. Emerging into the market with unique features and a clearly defined roadmap, Rollblock has exceeded expectations, recording over $800k in revenue and is on the verge of a $1M presale milestone in the coming days. This has increased its appeal in the market with traders within the altcoin market flocking to its network. 

Rollblock, being a GambleFi protocol, intends to revolutionize the casino world, solving issues related to traditional gambling processes. By leveraging blockchain technology, the Rollblock platform ensures that users enjoy a seamless and secure experience, while providing asset security, transparency, and privacy throughout the entire process. 

Interestingly, along with its plethora of features, Rollblock’s revenue-sharing model has really stood out to larger investors. Rollblock will use up to 30% of its weekly revenue to buy back RBLK tokens from the open market, 50% of those tokens are then burned, reducing the overall and circulating supply while the other 50% is used for staking rewards for RBLK stakers. This means Rollblock can also offer their holders some of the best passive income opportunities on the market.

Rollblock will also introduce sports betting in the coming months, allowing users to place bets across hundreds of markets in the biggest sports worldwide like NBA, NFL, Golf, Soccer etc. This will open another incredibly profitable arm to their GambleFi protocol, something that is great for RBLK holders. 

With its price listed at $0.014 per RBLK token, Rollblock has already awarded early investors with 40% returns. While its presale continues to progress, analysts have projected it to 100x its value once it is finally listed on top-tier exchanges later in the Q3 of 2024. This positive speculation could see the price of the native RBLK token surpass $1 by the end of the year, and eventually solidify its position among this year’s best altcoins.

Also, don’t miss Rollblock’s $20,000 GIVEAWAY in the ongoing EURO 2024 football tournament, users can win amazing prizes each day for giving correct predictions. Participants just need to join their discord channel to take part. 

Litecoin Price Set To Hit $80 Following Increased Adoption

Despite the presence of the bear market, Litecoin (LTC) has seen positive movement, with adoption and purchasing witnessing a notable surge. Although the LTC token witnessed a 15% decline in the last month and a 9% decline in the last 7 days, its price has remained relatively unchanged, hovering between $72 and $80 mark.

With the heightened adoption and purchasing of the Litecoin (LTC) token, analysts are highly bullish on Litecoin, anticipating it to reach $80 very soon. Litecoin’s impressive features like fast transaction speeds and cheap fees have also added to its appeal, making it one of the top altcoins to buy. 

Polygon Price Nears $0.60, Analysts Retain Optimism

Recognized as one of the top altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, Polygon (MATIC) has attracted the attention of traders and crypto enthusiasts with its unique features. However, its performances in the market have been quite discouraging. Polygon witnessed a 23% decline in the last month, followed by a further 6% decline in the last seven days. 

Although trading at a weekly price range between $0.55 and $0.60, Polygon has seen greater highs, with the layer-2 blockchain token surging past $1 sometime in March 2024. As it nears $0.60, analysts have remained optimistic, anticipating Polygon to mirror its previous highs and become one of the top altcoins to buy very soon. 

Will Rollblock Reach The Heights Of Polygon and Litecoin?

Although Litecoin and Polygon boast amazing features, Rollblock has demonstrated immense growth potential with its presale success. Aside from that, its impressive features have earned it a place among the top altcoins to buy. This and currently having a low market cap have increased its appeal in the market, with analysts projecting it to surge past most established cryptocurrencies, especially with a top-tier listing on the horizon.


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