Apple announces three AirTag upgrades to counter stalking complaints

Apple announces three AirTag upgrades to counter stalking complaints
7 months ago
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Amid increasing concerns regarding unauthorized tracking and stalking through Apple’s  (NASDAQ: AAPL) AirTag device, the company has released three updates to address the challenge. 

A post published by Apple acknowledged that the company is aware of the increasing unwanted tracking alerts but rated the count as ‘rare.’ Apple stated that it’s already engaging with relevant authorities to contain the misuse. 

“We have been actively working with law enforcement on all AirTag-related requests we’ve received. Based on our knowledge and discussions with law enforcement, incidents of AirTag misuse are rare; however, each instance is one too many,” Apple said. 

The first update introduces a new privacy warning while setting up the AirTag. According to Apple, the feature will issue alerts indicating that the AirTag tracks personal belongings. The alert will also warn against following people illegally since it’s a crime. 

Interestingly, while releasing the AirTag, Apple hinted that the devices might be misused to stalk people. However, the firm reiterated the device is to track personal items. 

Additionally, users have raised concerns about the “Unknown Accessory Detected” alert. Apple plans to identify the detected device, eliminating the ‘Unknown Accessory’ message to tackle the issue.

The tech giant is also updating supporting documentation to communicate the safety features built into AirTag, AirPods, and Find My network accessories. The documentation will offer directions on where users can reach out for help if they feel their safety is at risk. 

Apple investigating additional updates 

Apple also stated that it is investigating other updates involving precision finding, display alert with sound, refining unwanted tracking alert logic, and tuning AirTag’s sound. 

Following the rising AirTag misuse cases, law enforcement agencies and authorities are issuing warnings to users. 

For instance, New York attorney general Letitia James has issued a warning on the potential malicious use of the device.

The same warning was issued by Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro who said in the wrong hands, the devices can lead to a disaster. 

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